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Inside the penal colonies of Russia. a look at the lives of political prisoners caught during Putin’s crackdown.

TALLINN. When? Alexei Navalny Turning 47 on Sunday, he will wake up in a bare concrete cell with barely any natural light.He won’t be able to see or talk to any of his loved ones. Phone calls and visits are prohibited in the “punitive isolation” cells, a 2 by 3 meter (6 1/2 x 10 … Read more

Discussions about Putin’s possible visit have heated up in South Africa amid US “concern” about the intentions of BRICS.

Johannesburg The foreign ministers of the five countries of the BRICS bloc of emerging economies – Brazil, Russia, China, India and South Africa – were wrapping up a meeting in Cape Town, South Africa, on Friday. The prospect of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s participation the August summit in the country. In March, the International Criminal … Read more

The US revoked the visas of Russian nuclear inspectors due to the suspension of the New START Treaty

The Biden administration is retaliating for Russia’s suspension of the New START nuclear treaty, announcing Thursday that it is revoking visas for Russian nuclear inspectors, denying pending applications for new monitors and revoking standard permits for Russian aircraft to enter US airspace. The State Department said it was taking those and other steps in response … Read more

What do we know about drone attacks on Moscow?

MOSCOW. Ukraine carried out a large drone attack on Moscow on Tuesday, although all of them were destroyed by air defense systems, the Russian Defense Ministry said.The attack came just weeks after a drone strike on the Kremlin, which Russia blamed on Ukraine, and coincided with the latest wave of Russian airstrikes on Kiev.Here’s what … Read more

In the midst of a recession, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz plans to hold talks with Vladimir Putin

The leaders talked by phone for the last time at the beginning of December. Berlin. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz says he plans to speak with Russian President Vladimir Putin “at the appropriate time” in hopes of resuming contact after a near-total breakdown in relations following the Ukraine war. “My last phone call was some time … Read more

The Pope has called on the rival Sudanese parties to lay down their arms

VATICAN CITY. Pope Francis It called on Sudan’s warring factions to lay down their weapons on Sunday, expressing sadness over more than a month of violence in the African country. “Encouraging the partial agreements reached so far, I renew my heartfelt request to lay down arms,” ​​the Pope told pilgrims in St. Peter’s Square. “I … Read more

How the Russian mercenary group “Wagner” exploits Africa for financing

How Russia’s Wagner mercenary group is exploiting Africa for funding – CBS News Watch CBS News Russia’s Wagner mercenary group, which has close ties to President Vladimir Putin, is known for fighting in Ukraine. But it receives a large amount of funding through operations in the Central African Republic. Debora Patta has the details. Be … Read more

Vladimir Putin says that at a turning point in the world, war has been unleashed against Russia

Vladimir Putin called on Russia to win. Moscow, Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin said during a Victory Day parade in Moscow’s Red Square on Tuesday that the world was at a “tipping point” and claimed a “war” had been unleashed against Russia. He promised victory and said Russia’s future “rests” on its soldiers fighting in … Read more

Ukraine’s air defense systems repel Russian missile attacks

Released: 01/05/2023 – 06:57 Ukraine’s air defense crews shot down 15 of 18 missiles fired by Russian forces early Monday, the military said, as air raid sirens sounded across the country for more than three hours. Follow all the latest developments live on FRANCE 24. Times are Paris time (GMT+2). 06:40. Air defenses shot down … Read more