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The city of Minneapolis is opening a series of drug stops near the border in a settlement with the state Department of Human Rights.

from who-needs-human-rights-when-you-have-an-excuse department The brightest light in Flyover Country, USA, which is reeling from the growing pains of a coastal metropolis following the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis PD Officer Derek Chauvin; something that began as a response to allegedly counterfeit $20 bills at a local convenience store, but ended nine minutes later. With … Read more

10 best emulators for Chromebook

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority Chromebooks are fantastic machines with light software that works well under most circumstances. They are great for everyday work, such as sending emails and browsing the web. A good Chrome OS laptop can even handle some photo/video editing. Did you know you can also do some gaming with Chrome OS? … Read more

Music pirates are not terrorists, record labels argue in court

An anonymous reader cites a report from TorrentFreak. A Virginia jury found Cox liable for pirated subscribers after he failed to terminate the accounts after repeated allegations, ordering the company to pay $1 billion in damages to the labels. This landmark ruling is currently under appeal. As part of the appeal, Cox brought additional authority … Read more

MSI unveils the first USB4 expansion card to deliver 100W over USB-C

summary. Computex 2023 exhibitors showcased forward-looking prototypes covering various areas of personal technology such as Wi-Fi, cooling and displays. MSI’s demo showed an updated look at USB4 integration over PCIe, which could allow users to expand charging and connectivity capabilities to display. MSI unveiled the world’s first USB-4 add-in board at Computex this week. The … Read more

Is it Spider-Man? Across the Spider-Verse is streaming.

It took almost five years, but its sequel Spider-Man. Into the Spider-Verse is in theaters now. And Spider-Man. Through the Spider-Verse is everything you could hope for from the follow-up and more. It’s on a much larger scale than the first film, with literally hundreds of Spider-Man characters, at least five different animated worlds, and … Read more

AI Vs. Opponents. How machine-leveraged attacks drive the need for advanced security

More than two trillion events that are verified daily result in a significant reservoir of knowledge that can be learned from for an artificial intelligence-based security system, said the chief scientist of the cybersecurity company CrowdStrike Holdings Inc. The vast amount of data that fuels the intelligent AI engine is especially important, as adversaries are … Read more

You should never have left Master Chief

There’s nothing quite like trying to sneak into history at the end of the day on a Friday, hoping no one notices. Cortana’s favorite character Hello! gaming franchise, was once Microsoft’s big bet as the future of the smart assistant on Windows. The company launched the assistant in the operating system back in 2015, and … Read more

How many jobs are available in technology in the US?

Like April before it, the month of May showed mixed results for tech employment in the US. Technology companies shed an estimated 4,725 jobs — a figure that includes nontechnical workers — in May, according to an analysis of the latest US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) figures by IT industry group CompTIA. Job postings … Read more

Google’s Android and Chrome extensions are a very sad place. Here’s why

Photo illustration by Miguel Candela/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images No wonder Google is having a hard time policing its app store. As of Monday, researchers said hundreds of Android apps and Chrome extensions with millions of installs from the company’s official marketplaces include features to snoop on users’ files, manipulate clipboard contents and deliberately inject … Read more