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Maximizing Retrieval Practice with Padlet

As modern education embraces innovative tools and strategies, one pedagogical approach that has consistently proven effective is retrieval practice. Often undervalued, retrieval practice – the act of recalling information without cues – is a potent tool for strengthening memory and enhancing long-term learning. It moves away from rote memorization, encouraging students to actively recall information, … Read more

There is no other serious Android tablet competition

Android tablets have always been an interesting proposition. The idea of a tablet is good, but making software that implements well with tablet-sized hardware has proved challenging for Android tablet makers. Apple’s iPad is without the dominant device in the tablet world, but it does have at least one Android competitor, the Samsung Galaxy Tab … Read more

Windows 11 Build 25381 introduces enhanced security measures through SMB signing

Microsoft has announced the release of Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25381 to the Canary Channel. This update brings significant improvements to Windows and Windows Server security, particularly regarding Server Message Block (SMB) signing. With SMB signing now required by default for all connections in Enterprise editions, Microsoft aims to improve the security posture of … Read more

Free technology for teachers. Rebound:

Good morning from Maine, where it feels more like late April than early June. After several days of temps in the 80’s (Fahrenheit) I woke up this morning to a humid 47F. Before most of you read this, I will be riding my bike on the dirt roads around Mooselookmeguntic Lake. I’m doing the Rebound … Read more

A look at India’s hacking-for-hire industry, which has a tacit alliance with the government and is unusually brazen, with companies publicly advertising their services (David D. Kirkpatrick/New Yorker)

David D. Kirkpatrick / New Yorker: A look at India’s hacking-for-hire industry, which has a tacit alliance with the government and is unusually brazen, with companies publicly advertising their services.— The country has developed a lucrative profession: cyber-attacks for hire. — In the summer of 2020, Jonas Ray… Source link

C64 gets ChatGPT access via BBS

ChatGPT, powered by GPT 3.5 and GPT 4, has become one of the most popular Large Language Models (LLM) due to its ability to handle transparent conversations and generate large chunks of text. Now that very tool is available on the Commodore 64 via the Internet. Obviously, a 6502 processor with only 64 kilobytes of … Read more

Motorola launches new razr devices and edge device

Yesterday, Motorola announced the launch of 3 new devices – two new foldable Razr devices and a new edge device – in Australia, with the company saying that each of the new devices blends style and premium features to deliver an innovative mobile experience with all three devices. carefully crafted to meet the needs of … Read more

What happened to the ionic ear after Shark Tank?

The idea behind the Ionic ear was not for nothing. Wearing Bluetooth headphones can be a real pain at times, and moving around with them is more likely to cause the cans to move around, interfering with your listening experience. Inventor Darrin Johnson wanted to permanently solve this problem and came up with the idea … Read more

Get this lightly refurbished iPad Mini 2 for just $107

We thank our sponsor for making this content possible. it is not written by the editorial team and does not necessarily reflect its views. TLDR: Tuck this lightly refurbished Apple iPad Mini 2 into your wardrobe this summer and enjoy beach reading, streaming and more for just $106.99. Grab your keys, water bottle, and this … Read more