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Pin Debit – PayKings

June 3, 2023 |: Traders | Dustin Every time a customer enters their PIN (Personal Identification Number) to make a purchase, it is considered a PIN debit. Every time you pay for a product or service with a debit card, there is an option to buy with debit. All these debit card purchases are known … Read more

How We Built a $1.5K/Month SMS Marketing SaaS with Just Simple PHP

Hello! Who are you and what business have you started? Hello Starter Story! I initially started an e-commerce business with an investment of 5 thousand euros inherited from my grandmother. I first tried selling sunglasses on aftermarket online marketplaces and realized it could be the perfect business. To date, we have created several brands (Layoners … Read more

E-commerce ROI. revenue drivers vs “costs”

Unavoidable operating cost variance and incometo drive investments may be in the eye of the beholderbut to think site costs as potential sales drivers is the key to generating ROI in eCommerce. Actually, all aspects of modern e-commerce platforms from payment design to product sales to site speed can help increase conversions and long-term revenue growth. In this blog we will defineAreas of investment most successful in driving e-commerce ROI and promotion significant increase in income.

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Shopify Markets Pro Best Practices Checklist (2023)

Congratulations on activating Shopify Markets Pro! You’ve just taken a step toward global greatness. We understand that venturing into international markets can be daunting, but with Markets Pro in your corner, it’s now easier than ever before. To accelerate your journey to international selling success, we’ve put together a comprehensive checklist of best practices. Follow … Read more

Berlin-based SellerX acquires US aggregator Amazon

SellerX, the Berlin-based Amazon seller aggregator, has acquired Elevate Brands, its US industry partner. Together, they will operate as SellerX Group, which aims to become “one of the largest and most profitable global aggregators of e-commerce brands.” SellerX Group announced the acquisition in a press release. The annexation creates a company that owns a portfolio … Read more

7 strategies to attract the sustainable consumer

As attention to environmental issues becomes more mainstream and consumers become more mindful of their impact on the planet, there has been a shift in consumer trends towards sustainability. In order for businesses to generate long-term CLTV (customer lifetime value), they must adapt to build trust and loyalty in an effort to attract the steady … Read more

4 eCommerce Owners Discuss Their Why

I recently joined a group of eCommerce owners on a camping trip in Utah. There were more or less 15 of us sharing our entrepreneurial journeys amidst stunning scenery. Late one night, the four of us gathered around a table for this episode: three former podcast guests and myself. Mark Taylor is the founder of … Read more

12 AI Tools to Help You Grow Your Blog

OK, you get it. Artificial intelligence is kind of a big deal. It’s a huge buzzword in the marketing community, with people talking daily about how it’ll change the world. And you can’t throw a rock without hitting a company with AI in the name these days.


Free Guide: How to Use AI in Content Marketing [Download Now]

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Best Headless Trading Platforms 2023

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on December 16, 2021 and was updated for relevance on June 2, 2023. Headless commerce is an important topic for marketers and leading brands. But choosing a headless trading platform is not easy. Many legacy e-commerce platform vendors are retrofitting their solutions to adopt a “headless” approach, and … Read more