Wisconsin Biking Trails to Explore near Madison

Get off the bike in Paoli Wisconsin

How can an unincorporated town have so many cool things? I’d like to say it’s a hidden gem, but talking to the locals, it’s not so hidden anymore. Right along the Sugar River, this 2-block town is a great stop for hikers and bikers. This unincorporated town even has a bike shop.

There are a number of dining options in the small town of Paoli. If you’re looking for something a little more refined and healthy (don’t worry, you can come in your bike clothes), check out Paoli Schoolhouse Bistro. The one-room schoolhouse was built in 1854. The school was last used as a school in 1972 by the Belleville School District. It now serves delicious lunch and dinner with fresh local ingredients and inventive cocktails.

If you’re looking for something a little quieter and faster, check out Paoli’s Mill. The historic stone mill is a collection of boutiques, artisan food producers, beverage purveyors and hospitality providers in an idyllic park setting. I suggest getting a burrito from Molino Taqueria.

Since the hardest part of your trip is over, I also suggest you grab a beer at the Hop Garden and sit outside by the river and enjoy a little break. Granted, you can’t drink too much if you’re riding, but Hop Garden is a really cool brewery. They grow their own hops for their delicious small batch beers. I visited their tap room at the mill in Paoli, and I also visited their farm to see all of their hop growing operations from farm to tap. They are one of the few breweries in Wisconsin that grow their own hops.

This longer ride through Belleville and Paoli was a highlight of exploring Madison by bike. This was just day one of the 4-day Trek Travel Self-Guided Madison trip. Consider a Trek Travel Self Guided trip like the spokes of a wheel centered at the Mansion Hill Inn in Madison, then you pick up 4 different bike days from Madison and back based on the route. Eat and enjoy Madison every evening, then get out and explore Madison by bike during the day. For bike enthusiasts, this Trek Travel itinerary is a great way to experience cycling in Wisconsin.

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