Windows Copilot adds an AI assistant to Windows 11

Microsoft says Copilot is integrated into Windows, so unlike some third-party tools you might be using, this new AI-powered assistant can change things about your car if you want it to. You can use the tool, for example, to ask Copilot to change your display settings, and it will. While this is a very convenient option for everyone, it can be especially appealing to those who are intimidated by using computers.

It seems that the real utility of the tool will be realized when the developers get down to business. Microsoft is encouraging developers to bring their own plugins to Copilot, which means the AI ‚Äč‚Äčassistant could one day serve as a portal to some of your favorite third-party tools.

The move comes as no surprise since Microsoft took a giant leap into consumer AI with Bing Chat. The company went straight to incorporating the tool into its products, most notably Edge with its sidebar and easy-to-access image generator, among other things. It’s not yet clear how long it will take before Copilot becomes a regular part of Windows 11.

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