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Why do young adults have less sex than their parents?

Young adults do not act like their fathers. no beben tanto, enfrente más problemas de salud mental y viven más tiempo con mamá y papá. In addition, video games and social networks have become a kind of substitute for physical relationships.

All that means that young Californians don’t have much sex.

The number of young adults who do not have sexual relations was increasing before covid-19 made dating more difficult and risky.

In 2011, 22% of Californians aged 18 to 30 reported that they had not had a same-sex partner in the previous 12 months. It fills 29% and in 2019 and 38% in 2021, completed the California Health Interview Survey at UCLA.

Other age groups in California also reported an increase in abstinence, but the trend was not so marked.

“Todo pasa más tarde,” said Jean Twenge, Professor of Psychology at the Universidad Estatal de San Diego, author of “Generations. The Real Differences Between Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, Boomers and Silents. Future.”

Twenge said that the numbers reflect how young adults delay more and more the important events of life, how to move out of the familiar house, and start romantic relationships a long time.

Los Solteros have seen the most dramatic change.

For a long time, single people were the most prone to inform that they had no sexual relations, less so than married people or those who live together. But as young adults retire from marriage, the gap widens.

Los adultos jóvenes pueden estar postergando las relaciones a large plazo “por un economic status económico cada vez más carario o por el estres relacionado con completar la educación y buscar trabajo”, said Lei Lei, professor Sociology manager, professor, ru. articulo que examinó por qué más adultos jóvenes no están teniendo sexo. “They are busy with other aspects of life.”

The researchers also noted that hundreds of thousands of young adults identified themselves as asexuals.

The increase in the use of the computer can play a role in the trend. Young adults form more and more relationships through video games with people they don’t know physically, said Lei. Estas relaciones a distancia a veces interfieren con la formation de relaciones sexes.

Un informe del Pew Research Center de 2015 puts Misma Cantidad de Hombres y Mujeres que Jugaban videojuegos, pero los hombres adultos jóvenes tenien más del triple de probabilitas que las mujeres adultas jóvenes de identificarse serios.

Los adultos jóvenes also have access to unlimited amounts of free porn on the internet, unlike the porno magazines and DVDs that many of their parents were buying.

A large part of the most popular online pornography presents violence or coercion, which gives a few young people a distorted perspective of sex and leaves others completely alone, said Debby Herbenick, director of the Debby Herbenick Center for the Protection of Sexual Health Publica de la Universidad de Indiana en Bloomington.

“Ese tipo de comportamientos están muy, muy vistos como algo normal entre los jóvenes”, he said, referring to sexo duro.

Gender also has a correlation with income. Young adults who earn less money are more likely to have sex than their peers who earn more.

Gran Parte del Discurso Recente Sobre La Falta de Sexo Adultos Jóvenes Ha Girado En Torno a Los Llamados Incels, Hombres Jóvenes Quirman –a Menudo En Tono Despecti VO Misógino – Que Las Aplicaciones de Citas Como Tinder Facilitan Riembrescuents, Hombres Jóvenes Quirman. y de status, dejando de lado a los otros.

Erin Tillman, sex education certificate and director of organizing sin fines

Agregó que esos hombres probably could change their perspective and find intimacy. “Tienen el poder de mejorarse a si mismos”, he said.

The tendency of a life without sex has the potential to reduce unplanned pregnancy rates. Y también podría reducir la propagación de infecciones de transmisción sexual, mi eso aun ha sucedido.

Herbenick is concerned about young adults who want sex but don’t have it. “You can feel very alone if you feel that people reject you or are not interested in you,” he said.

But Tillman is still optimistic and points out that the last group of young adults, like every new generation, is finding their way and focusing on sex in a different way than their parents.

“No Prejudice, Gente Grounds Different From Each Other,” Dijo Tillman.

Philip Reese specifically reports on California State University, Sacramento, asst.

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