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What you need to know

Big changes are coming to ChatGPT…

OpenAI just announced two big updates to ChatGPT.

The first is a soon-to-be-released subscription tier called ChatGPT Business. Designed for enterprises, the program will follow OpenAI’s API data usage policy. This means that user data will not be used to train ChatGPT by default.

The second is a feature that now allows ChatGPT users to turn off their chat history, which will prevent conversations from being used to train ChatGPT.

What do the new features mean for marketers and business leaders?

I spoke with Paul Retzer, founder and CEO of the Marketing AI Institute, on episode 45 of the Marketing AI Show to learn more.

Here’s what you need to know…

  1. Historically, your use of ChatGPT constitutes training for ChatGPT. Not everyone realizes that in many cases the data entered into ChatGPT is used to train the system…
  2. This has created problems for businesses. “Enterprises won’t want their data in the training sets of future fundamental models,” says Roetzer. This made ChatGPT unsuitable for business use cases.
  3. And every enterprise is trying to figure out great language models. “Almost every conversation I have at the C-suite level comes back to: “How do we build a strategy around our use of large-scale language models,” Roetzer says.
  4. So this is a no-brainer for OpenAI. First, it makes ChatGPT more attractive to businesses with more serious needs. Second, it demonstrates that OpenAI is proactive in handling user data responsibly as it faces increasing regulatory and legal scrutiny.

Bottom line: While OpenAI isn’t right for every enterprise just yet, this move at least puts it in the conversation. (Additional protection for individual users is also a bonus.)

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