What will be the show of the weekend?

The overall Might 2023 weekend is unusually packed for fanatics of WWE, AEW, or each. The weekend will kick off with the Evening of Champions press convention, AEW Rampage and SmackDown on Friday the twenty-sixth. The movement kicks into top gear as the Night of Champions prepares to survive the twenty-seventh Jeddah. Sunday the twenty-eighth will end the fun as the fanatics are sent to NXT Battleground and AEW Double or Not nothing.

From Roman Reigns to Carmelo Hayes to MJF, it will be a three-day party of world-class professional wrestling and sports entertainment. Whether you like your wrestling story focused on wrestling, athletic, hard-hitting, or some combination of those types can be a positive for you. Who will land in the weekend box office regardless?

Is it Triple H’s ensemble of bigger stars or Tony Khan’s renegade band? Or Shawn Michaels’ army of younger and hungrier upstarts.
Let’s examine each case of NXT, WWE’s main roster, and AEW stealing the screen and ruling the weekend.

#3. WWE NXT Battleground has all the makings to be a sleeper hit of the weekend

NXT Battleground will air from Lowell, Massachusetts this Sunday and the card looks really stable. First off, it will feature the girls’ name-appropriate and Stand And Ship rematch between two of its biggest stars, Bron Breaker and Carmelo Hayes.
The North American name can also be defended in a triple threat, with Ilya Dragunov filling his conflict with Diyak in what is likely to be a blood feud over the weekend. The rainbow symbol has a history of making more appearances on weekends like this, once again turning to the realms of the Black and Gold. If the entire list brings their A-Recreation, they can surpass their two additional prominent opposite numbers.

#2. AEW Double or Not nothing will end the nearly 3 month story, something a non-WWE screen can’t accommodate

AEW Double or Nothing, nothing less than going through a selection of card fixtures, will be the biggest show of the weekend. Because the 9 bouts are supposed to make up for the story cycle that began after March Revolution, it has more story than every single WWE event in a single moment. Few expect MJF to go down in the main draw, but the 4 Pillars matchup should be fantastic.
Elsewhere, the likes of Blackjack Combat Royal, Anarchy In The Enviornment and Jericho vs Cole are set to dazzle the 20,000 capacity crowd in Nevada. Double or nothing may be the most productive in-ring action of the weekend, but the relative predictability of the initial match may see it rise to the top.

#1. WWE Evening Of Champions 2023 probably has the most momentum heading into the weekend

WWE Evening Of Champions 2023 may have the simplest build for 3 weeks, but it probably has the most momentum heading into the weekend. For starters, it has probably the most names out of the 3 plays (5), with the opposite two full of all-time beautiful skill. Second, like Battleground, it promises a brand new top-flight champion (Global Heavyweight), but on a much larger scale.
Now, it’s not the most obvious thing that it will probably have the most superstar energy and the biggest crowd, but it will also feature some of the most popular (Bloodline) and hot (Lesnar/Rhodes) storylines of late. The truth that it will be preceded by a press convention gives the feel of an extra big fight than the opposite two performances. Night of Champions is far from being the show of the weekend, but it’s off to a good start.

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