Top 6 train loyalty programs in Europe

When choosing a train loyalty program for you or your team, it’s important to consider several factors. For example, some plans offer more benefits in one countrywhile others serve international train journeys across the continent.

Some programs will be paired with hotel partners or offer free award tickets. But these bonuses will depend on usage, so consider the frequency and duration of your corporate trips when deciding which loyalty scheme will best suit your organization.

What are the best train loyalty programs in Europe?

1. Club Eurostar

Which countries does the Eurostar Club cover? Traveling from the UK to Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam or further afield? Eurostar is your way to cross the Channel with ease.

How does Eurostar Club work? Club Eurostar makes your travel expenses last longer. Earn 1 point for every £1 spent on train travel or 1 point for every £2 spent on train and hotel packages. Members can get discounted or free tickets and upgraded seats as they earn more points.

What other benefits are offered? Partners also offer different ways to earn Club Eurostar points. You can top up your points and enjoy a 10% discount on car rentals with Hertz. Members can transfer American Express Rewards or Accor’s Lifestyle Loyalty (ALL) points to Club Eurostar. Users can convert 500 Club Eurostar points into 1,500 ALL points to increase their benefits on hotel bookings for overnight business trips.

What do the different levels of Club Eurostar offer? You’ll join Club Eurostar at Classique level, instantly securing many membership rewards, including partner discounts and special offers. Meanwhile, the Carte Blanche level (2,400 points) allows you to use Fast-Track routes to optimize travel time and use the Business Premier or Railteam lounges to work seamlessly between departures.

Our favorite feature. At the time of writing, the Advantage level (400 points) will soon allow corporate travelers to spend their points with Eurostar partners SNCF and Thalys.

2. My Thalys World

Between which countries does My Thalys World travel? Thalys is also a member of the Eurostar Group, which connects France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, making it a great option for those traveling across Europe.

How do you collect My Thalys World points? Spend €1 on Thalys tickets and qualifying passes and you’ll get 1 point. In addition, corporate travelers can earn 1, 2 or 3 miles for every €1 they spend, depending on their loyalty status.

What are the different status levels? My Thalys World Loyalty Program has 3 different membership statuses: Explorer, Club and Club+.

What benefits do users get? My Thalys World members enjoy immediate benefits including the ability to book taxis on, a 15% discount on Europcar hire and discounts on selected cultural attractions for after-work exploration.

The Club level (600 to 4,999 points) offers free Thalys Lounge access for you and 4 guests so you and your team can plan pitches in their bookable meeting rooms. In addition, you can exchange accumulated miles for train tickets in any direction.

At the Club+ level (5,000 points), corporate travelers can prepare for last-minute changes with flexible access to any departure on their original booking date.

Our favorite feature. As a My Thalys World member, you can give back by donating your loyalty points to Secours Populaire Français, a non-profit organization that fights poverty and social exclusion.

3. SNCF Grand Voyageur & SNCF Grand Voyageur Le Club

Which railway companies does this scheme cover? If you travel on the TGV inOUI, TER or Intercités trains, the SNCF reward card can help you reap many benefits.

What are the different membership levels? SNCF has two simple levels in its loyalty program. Grand Voyageur (1,500 status points) and premium Grand Voyageur Le Club.

How can I earn points? Upgrade your membership and earn points every time you buy train tickets €9 or qualification cards and transfers. The Grand Voyageur loyalty program allows you to earn Prime points with every booking, which can be used for free tickets, discounts on TGV INOUI services or donated to environmental organizations.

What other benefits does this loyalty program offer? Never stand in a crowded station again. Le Club status gives you access to the Grand Voyageur TGV INOUI lounges so you can send last-minute emails in peace.

With many added bonuses, members can book discounted weekend parking with Effia and enjoy reduced AVIS rentals.

Our favorite feature. Users can go straight to their meetings without the hassle thanks to an exclusive 20% discount on luggage service Mes Bagges.

4. Mas Renfe

Which countries does Renfe serve? For eco-conscious travel in Spain, look no further than Renfe. Perfect for organizations looking to expand their customer base across Spain, 10 Renfe points equal €1.

What makes Renfe the more eco-conscious option? Renfe is Spain’s main consumer of renewable electricity, and they have a joint 4-step plan to combat climate change by removing 9.9 million tons of CO2 by 2030. Be green and get extra loyalty points when you choose public transport with their program, Más Renfe. .

Can you collect points with other partners? Users can earn Renfe points by making train reservations through their partner companies and using Renfe Mastercard or Renfe American Express cards. The American Express card gives users easier access to higher-level benefits, including a 5% discount on AVE and long-distance tickets.

What are the different membership levels? There are 4 different Más Renfe card levels, each with many additional benefits. The entry level allows you to use your points for travel and take advantage of partner offers. Silver gives you 50% off annual passes, Gold gives you and a guest access to the exclusive Club Lounge, and Platinum offers 3 annual upgrades.

Our favorite feature. It doesn’t take long to accumulate enough points to enjoy free travel. Users can get between Madrid and Malaga for just 203 points or Barcelona to Bilbao for 167 points.

5. DB BahnBonus:

Which countries does Deutsche Bahn serve? In addition to services throughout Germany, Deutsche Bahn also offers business travelers the opportunity to earn points on tickets throughout Europe. Covering the Netherlands, Sweden and Croatia to name just a few, this is a great option for corporate travel across the continent.

How does the BahnBonus loyalty program work? Register with BahnBonus to start collecting bonuses and status points when you buy train tickets or BahnCards in Germany. Every €1 spent equals 1 bonus and 1 status point. Surprisingly simple, users can access the convenient BahnBonus mobile app to claim benefits related to their status level and view special bonus campaigns.

What can BahnBonus points be used for? Loyalty points collected with DB BahnBonus can be used for free tickets, partner vouchers and first class upgrades. Deutsche Bahn has a long list of partners, from well-known hotels and other transport providers to Deutsche Bahn’s own 100% renewable energy offering, DB Strom.

There are also thoughtful customer gift options like Samsonite luggage, and you can even donate your points to charity.

What are the different status levels? There are three membership levels: Silver (1500 Status Points), Gold (2500 Status Points) and Platinum (6000 Status Points). Each has additional benefits and discounts to enhance your business travel.

The Gold level also offers users exclusive seating.

Platinum level includes access to premium areas of the DB Lounge and 30% off food, so you can head to your destination refreshed and ready.

Our favorite feature. All 3 tiers offer great perks like free drinks on board, DB Lounge access and 30 minutes free per ride with Call a Bike so you can be eco-friendly when you hit the town.

6. Italo Piu

Which country does Italo Più cover? For high-speed train travel in Italy, Italo’s Più loyalty program allows you to earn two types of beneficial points. Italo Più Points for free travel and Level Points that provide access to exclusive rewards. Points are earned on every trip and tier points are earned when booking a Carnet 10 or Flex fare.

What other benefits do Italo Più Points provide? You only need 800 points to get a free ticket for short journeys in Smart or Comfort Ambients, and more will generate free train journeys with longer journeys and higher class seats.

What membership levels are available? There are 4 different loyalty levels from Member to Platinum (6500+ points). Higher level users enjoy benefits including complimentary seat allocation and access to Italo Club Lounges with free WiFi and light refreshments to keep you fueled. Premium members get discounted ticket prices and unlimited class upgrades to travel in style, whether you end your day in Rome or Rovereto.

How can I increase my scores? Many business partners make it easier to improve your membership with Italo Più. Earn points on qualifying accommodation bookings and trips with Italian appTaxi. Plus, you can earn points and a 10% discount on Allianz Global Assistance insurance policies and international Hertz car rentals.

Our favorite feature. The Italo American Express credit card automatically entitles you to Italo Più Premium level benefits and additional bonuses such as award tickets for free train travel.

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