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The most important Photoshop update in 20 years

Fasten your seat belts, Adobe Photoshop lovers! Ever since we adopted the Creative Cloud subscription model in 2013—yes, it’s been an exciting decade—Adobe has been faithfully delivering updates to make your Photoshop experience smoother and more productive. Brace yourself, though, because today’s update is a game-changer that’s ready to send shockwaves through your digital design journey. This is not just an update, it is a shocking revolution.

Introducing Generative Fill

In March of this year, Adobe released a public beta version of its generative AI technology called Firefly. You can check out Firefly at (there is a waiting list to access the site and we are working hard to clear the backlog as soon as possible). While the site is fun to play with and lets you create images using any text prompt you can dream up, bringing that technology to Photoshop takes Photoshop to the next level.

With Generative Fill, you can use Firefly AI to add, replace, and remove parts of your image. If you want to add something to your image that didn’t exist, select the area where you want to place it, click Generative Fill on the NEW contextual taskbar, and enter a text prompt that describes the content you want to add. : to that place. Generative Fill will then create three versions of your memo and fit it perfectly within the selected area. Not only does it get the dimensions right, but it also gets the lighting, color, tone, shadows and reflections to make your new composite look realistic.

I could go on describing it, but it’s better if you see it. Click here to watch my video demonstrating Generative Fill

As you can see, Generative Fill changes everything, literally. This will change the way we use Photoshop forever. Although this feature is in public beta, it is not yet ready for commercial use.

What’s new in Photoshop for May 2023?

While Generative Fill is the headliner of this release, there are other notable features for the release version of Photoshop that’s being released today. I’ve made a separate new features video that you can check out here.

Bottom line:

Think of AI as that friendly genie who’s out of the bottle, wants to lend a hand, and isn’t going to go back in. We now have two ways of looking at generative AI. You can see it as an intimidating replacement for your skills, or, as I prefer to see it, an invaluable tool ready to simplify your work like never before. Based on my experience as a photographer, this tool opens up a world of possibilities, allowing me to provide my clients with a more cost-effective and diverse set of photo options than ever before.

You can start checking out Generative Fill today by downloading and installing the public beta version of Photoshop through the Beta Apps section of your Creative Cloud app.

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