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The brightest flashlights of 2023

Technological characteristics of Imalent MS18. Lumens. 100,000 lumens |: The beam is diposition: 4429 feet | Battery life. 14 hours on the lowest setting IP rating. IP56

The brightest flashlight you can get right now is the Imalent MS18. Its maximum output reaches up to a blinding 100,000 lumens. When switched on, it emits the highest level of brightness for one minute before dimming to 25,000 lumens, which can last for an hour. It has nine settings, including cool and warm light options, as well as a strobe light mode. The Imalent MS18 also has an OLED digital display to show the battery level.

As the world’s brightest flashlight, the Imalent MS18 also features a heat pipe cooling system that uses cooling fans to ensure high performance (and to keep your hands from overheating). Additionally, the IP56 rating means the flashlight is water and dust resistant.

According to YouTube’s Torque Test Channel, the Imalent MS18 gets 108,000 lumens at its peak when powered on, and the brightness drops to 72,000 lumens after about 30 seconds.

At $700, it’s definitely more than most people are willing to pay, but worth the price for the world’s brightest flashlight.

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