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Testing 7 AI Logo Generators

Creating a logo used to be a nightmare. I remember brainstorming a concept and then emailing the designer to get a satisfactory result. Artificial intelligence makes the process easier.

This post summarizes my testing of seven AI logo generators.

7 AI logo generators

brand mark offers a free AI-powered logo generator. To use.

  • Enter your brand name
  • Add your slogan (optional)
  • provide at least one keyword,
  • Choose a color scheme.

The results include multiple fonts and color combinations, all editable for colors, icons, slogans, layouts, and backgrounds. I wasn’t impressed with the original Brandmark logo, but the editor helped change it to my liking.

screenshot of "Viral content Bee" logo at

brand mark

Namify: is a brand name generator with free AI-generated logos. To create a name and logo in Namify, simply enter your keyword. The tool will generate name ideas, each with three possible logos.

Namify is handy when launching a website as it checks for available brands and social media names.

screenshot of "Viral content Bee" logo on Namify.


MarketingBlocks: paid platform with graphic design tools. Activate the 5-day free trial (with credit card) to test the AI ​​logo maker. Then select Designer, enter your brand name, and let the platform create logos based on that name and your preferred color.

Similar to Brandmark, MarketingBlocks offers editing features (including a potential icon set) to change AI-generated versions.

Users can save their logo for other MarketingBlocks tools, such as adding it as a watermark to videos or graphics, restoring its color scheme to other visuals, and even designing business cards.

screenshot of "Viral content Bee" logo at MarketingBlocks.


Shopify: offers a free AI logo maker. To use.

  • select a category
  • Choose a style such as Relaxed, Creative, Elegant, Innovative, Vintage, Modern,
  • Enter a name for your logo.

Results are available within minutes. You can edit any logo for colors, icons and layouts.

Here, I chose the “Innovator” category.

screenshot of "Viral content Bee" logo on Shopify.


logoai: allows users to create and edit logos for free. But to keep the results, a paid plan is required, starting at $29 per month and $59 for Pro (to create high-resolution logos).

To use.

  • Enter your brand name and optional tagline,
  • select the category
  • Choose an optional color scheme,
  • Choose a style such as Modern, Elegant, Futuristic, Fun, Handwritten.

Here are my logos in the “modern” category.

screenshot of "Viral content Bee" logo at Logoai.

logoai: is a free and instant logo generator. Enter your brand name, select your industry, choose one of three categories, and choose your color scheme. The tool will generate five logos.

Here are my creations in the “Autumn” color scheme.

screenshot of "Viral content Bee" logo at is the only generator on the list that allows a keyword from the start. The results were more attractive at first glance.

Users can customize each logo and download it and the icon as .png and .svg. The editor will also display your logo on various ad settings and materials.

screenshot of "Viral content Bee" logo at

It helps:

I couldn’t pick a favorite AI logo generator out of the seven on this list. All contributed to the idea generation, but none yielded a useful output without editing. Concepts alone, however, can be expensive. So the tools are worth it.

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