Tesla’s Master Plan Part 3: Defeating the Hype An examination of Tesla’s claims

If you like this content, subscribe to my stories here Tesla released its Masterplan 3 this month with the footnote “Input and conversation welcome.” So here we go. As the world faces the challenges of climate change and energy security, the need to transition to a sustainable energy economy becomes increasingly urgent. Part 3 of Tesla’s Master Plan proposes a comprehensive roadmap to achieve this goal, focusing on end-use electrification and sustainable energy generation and storage. In this article, we’ll examine the assumptions, sources, and calculations behind Tesla’s proposed actions, including existing…

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Mike Hasabala

Mike received his Master of Applied Science degree in 2013 and then began his career in the data center industry. In 2015, he switched gears and took on the role of lead engineer at a company developing emissions reduction technology. He then moved into energy consulting in 2018. Mike focuses on the most critical business issues and opportunities: strategy, operations, technology, transformation, advanced analytics and sustainability. Mike writes fascinating stories that anyone should read. He excels at simplifying complex subjects and bringing fresh new perspectives to pressing issues.

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