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Softer layer for Apple Watch adds period tracking and newer features

The Apple Watch app of 2022, Gentler Streak, has added another important feature to extend its goal of working with compassion by adding a menstrual cycle feature for activity guidance.

This update comes on International Day of Action for Women’s Health. With that, the Gentler Streak now takes into account women’s periods as another gauge of optimal exercise for those days.

That said, women of childbearing age can find a menstrual cycle gauge under their Wellbeing tab. These will be taken through a short download, and once completed, the app serves the following data:

  • Valuable information about the exact phase of the cycle and its possible impact on daily well-being;
  • activity guidance tailored to readiness;
  • Flow training. Appropriate actions during the first days of menstruation with the suggestions of “Go Gentler”.
  • Self catering on the Yorhart Streak
  • Insights into each phase of the menstrual cycle.

It is important to note that the data may be more accurate if the user is wearing an Apple Watch Series 8 that has wrist temperature measurements. That said, it’s still possible to use this feature because it uses information available from your Health app.

Image source: Gentler Streak

“Gentler Streak continues to be a health and fitness app. While we cover the important parts of the menstrual cycle in our guide, we let specialized apps handle the rest. Because every body is different and carries a baby differently, we do not include pregnancy guidelines. Medical professionals are the ones who support and guide a woman’s journey through this transformative time,” shares Katarina Lotrick, CEO of Gentler Stories.

Additionally, Gentler Streak has added tips and tricks to help users get the most out of the app in version 3.1. These tips are available in the Profile section and highlight the app’s lesser and more hidden features.

In previous updates, Gentler Steak added a “Wellbeing” tab that gives you a better idea of ​​how you’re feeling today based on how you slept, what your heart rate was, breaths per minute etc. to indicate which exercise is most optimal. for that day, or if you need to rest instead.

Gentler Streak monthly subscription is $7.99, Premium is $49.99 per year including Family Sharing and $139.99 for lifetime including Family Sharing.

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