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Russia says Zelensky turned G7 into ‘propaganda show’

President of Russia Vladimir Putin.


Russia on Sunday accused G7 leaders of turning their summit in Japan into a “propaganda show” by inviting Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and stoking “anti-Russian and anti-Chinese hysteria”.

“The leaders of the G7 brought the leader of the Kiev regime controlled by them to their meeting and turned the Hiroshima event into a propaganda show,” says the Russian Foreign Ministry.

“The main conclusion of the summit was a series of statements filled with hateful anti-Russian and anti-Chinese messages,” the statement said.

The ministry noted that the G7 has become “an incubator where Anglo-Saxon-led destructive initiatives are being developed that undermine global stability.”

The decline of the West’s global influence “forces the members of this body to invest all their energies in anti-Russian and anti-Chinese hysteria,” the statement said.

“We are convinced that our assessment of the G7 and its destructive actions is shared by the majority of the international community,” he added.

We live in a world where fact and fiction blur

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