Relocating courthouses

The world of sports needs space to actually play different games, especially when there are competitions or the number of athletes participating and using the facilities, say in high seasons when many teams are training.

Relocatable sports court buildings have recently seen a massive increase in popularity due to their practicality, flexibility and versatility. They offer easily adaptable and flexible space solutions for all kinds of sports activities. They can be easily and quickly installed when they are needed and dismantled when no longer needed. Additionally, relocatable courthouses can be easily moved from one location to another as the need arises without damaging them.

To help you better understand what sports facilities are, this blog post takes an in-depth look at portable court buildings and discusses their benefits. It also explores how to choose the most suitable options for your intended use and sheds light on their importance in modern sports infrastructure.

A relocatable courthouse is set


A portable courthouse is a temporary and portable structure used for sports activities such as tennis, basketball, volleyball and indoor sports. The manufacturers of these temporary structures design them to provide reliable facilities for all types of indoor sports. They can be used for tournaments, training and many other activities.

So, what materials are used to make the portable courthouse? These sports facilities are usually constructed of steel or aluminum with steel or aluminum for the walls and steel cladding for the roof. However, the choice of material varies depending on the user’s preferences, intended use, frequency of use, and typical weather conditions where the building is to be located, among other factors. The materials used are durable, easy to assemble and disassemble, and light weight for easy portability.

Advantages of portable courthouses

If you are wondering if a portable court building is a good choice for your institution’s sports facility, here are some of the advantages of these structures that should clear your doubt:

They are cost effective


Unlike building permanent sports facilities, which often require huge capital expenditures, portable court buildings are relatively affordable and cost a fraction of what you would need for a permanent sports facility. And if your facility doesn’t have land, a portable courthouse eliminates the need to spend huge sums of money to acquire land, as you can rent space and build a relocatable courthouse. In addition, temporary facilities have lower maintenance costs and do not require a lot of manpower to install them, making them a perfect choice for schools, communities and other sports organizations.

They are very flexible

With a portable court building, its users have the flexibility to create the sports facilities they need almost anywhere. The adaptability of temporary facilities is a great advantage for those who need to frequently move the location of their sports activities. Additionally, they work well for those who need to host sporting events where there are no existing facilities.

They are easy and quick to install

Due to their modular nature, mobile courthouses are easy to set up and dismantle. If your institution needs a certain space to host sports events, it can install these structures in a short time without causing any disruption to its program and allowing users to immediately enjoy the use of the facilities. If you need sports facilities like this, look no further than Smart-Space, the UK’s leading supplier of temporary building solutions, with extensive experience spanning over 30 years and excellent customer service.

The resettled courthouses are safe and durable


Although the mobile courthouse is a temporary and mobile structure, its designers ensure that it can withstand heavy sports activities and various weather conditions. Manufacturers use strong yet lightweight materials and apply advanced engineering techniques and safety features to ensure the safety of athletes and the longevity of the equipment.

They are easily adjustable

The beauty of relocatable courthouses is that they are easy to customize to fit the needs and preferences of the users. Manufacturers can customize these structures to meet the specific requirements of different sports, such as choice of floor materials, dimensions, seating arrangements, climate control, lighting, etc. With such easy customization, athletes are sure to have a great experience as they use the facilities, and spectators can watch and cheer on their teams with great comfort.

These structures are environmentally friendly

While the construction of permanent sports facilities involves excavation, the use of heavy machinery and equipment, and a lot of materials, the installation of portable court buildings does not involve nearly as much. Movable courts come as prefabricated parts that are assembled by professionals on site without the use of heavy machinery. Additionally, these structures save logging and excavation that cause untold environmental degradation.

Tips for choosing a moving courthouse


When you are choosing a moving courthouse, you should consider the following factors:

  • Sports requirements and user needsYou should define the specific needs of the users of the facilities and the requirements of your sporting activity. Some important factors to consider include court dimensions, spectator seating, equipment storage, lighting, ventilation, and more.
  • Personalization optionsConsider how customizable the portable courthouse is, such as the ease of choosing lighting systems, flooring materials, seating plans, and any additional features you need for your sporting activities.
  • quality and durabilitycheck the quality of the materials used by the manufacturer, the durability of the building, the integrity of the structure, etc. Also, look for compliance standards and certifications to ensure the facility adheres to safety standards and regulations.
  • Warranty and customer supportLearn as much as you can about the manufacturer’s reputation, warranty policy, and customer service.
  • Easy assembly and portabilityassess the ease of assembly, disassembly and transport of mobile courthouses. Check out constructions like lightweight components, modular design, and convenient installation techniques.



Undoubtedly, relocatable court buildings are a game changer in terms of sports infrastructure. Some of the things that make these structures perfect options for sports organizations include their cost-effectiveness, quick installation, customization, flexibility, durability, and safety.

When choosing the most suitable option for your sports organization, consider the sports requirements and specific user needs, quality and durability, customization options, ease of assembly, disassembly and portability, as well as the manufacturer’s customer service and warranty policy. A portable court building certainly holds great promise for the growth and brighter future of the sport in terms of meeting the need for space for sporting activities.

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