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“Recognizes the left hand.” MMA fans react to Dustin Poirier’s prediction that Conor McGregor will knock out Michael Chandler

“The left hand knows”. MMA fans react. UFC news.

“Recognizes the left hand.” MMA fans react. UFC News. UFC lightweight contender Dustin Poirier is backing Conor McGregor to beat Michael Chandler. Follow UFC news updates via Insidesport.IN

Dustin Poirier recently discussed the upcoming fight between Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler on Weighing In. There, the former interim UFC lightweight champion announced that he preferred the Irish fighter. Poirier added that the former champion will lose the stoppage if he performs at the same level he did in 2021 before his broken leg.

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The popular Irishman has been correctly labeled an underdog (+110) after dropping three of his last four fights. Despite being one of the greatest of all time, it will be more than two years since he last stepped inside the octagon.

To make matters worse, McGregor suffered a gruesome injury that would have rendered him ineligible and forced the retirement of lesser men.

Michael Chandler is a really talented person. He has hands like dynamite, an unmatched wrestling pedigree and, most importantly, a willingness to fight whenever and wherever. He is a fan favorite precisely because of that ultimate quality.

Dustin Poirier made this statement in an interview with Weighing In. “I believe that if Conor comes back with the same time and speed that he had before the injury, if he comes back to it, he will beat Chandler. Chandler is incredibly easy to hit. When you’re in front of Connor, it may seem impossible for him to touch you, but he still manages to do it. She looks shorter on the inside than she really is. He effectively covers that distance using his length, speed and timing.

Fans reacted to Dustin’s post on Instagram saying, “Diamond knows his left hand.”

While others commented: “You have to give the kid some respect, no matter what happened. He’s McGregor all the way.”

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