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Armagh and Westmeath prepare for Championship clash

Armagh and Westmeath are set to face each other in an exciting Championship clash, marking only the third time the two sides have met in the Championship. The previous clashes were back-to-back, with Armagh winning both times in the 2017 and 2018 All-Ireland qualifiers. As anticipation grows for this upcoming clash, both teams have shown their mettle throughout the 2023 championship.

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Armagh’s journey to the clash

Armagh’s road to the game has been eventful, starting with a convincing win over Antrim in the Ulster preliminary round, where they secured a 0-20 to 1-8 scoreline. Building on their success, they defeated Cavan in the Ulster quarter-final by a final score of 1-14 to 0-12. In the Ulster semi-final, Armagh’s skill shone through as they dominated Down by 4-10 to 0-12. However, they suffered a setback in the Ulster final where they were beaten by Derry in a hard-fought draw that ended in a 3-1 defeat for Armagh.

Armagh’s top scorers

Several players have been instrumental in Armagh’s scoring efforts throughout their championship journey. Conor Turbitt leads the team’s scoring charts with an impressive 0-15 including a free and a point. Rhian O’Neill also made a significant contribution, recording 1-6 consisting of frees and a ’45’. Rory Grugan proved to be a reliable free-scorer, picking up 0-7, while Shane McPartlan and Andrew Murnin showed their goalscoring prowess with 1-5 and 1-2 respectively.

Westmeath’s performance leading up to the clash

On the other hand, Westmeath’s trip saw them in the Leinster quarter-finals against Louth. They put up a spirited fight but fell short as Louth secured a 2-10 to 1-11 victory. Notably, Westmeath’s fourth-placed finish in Division 3 this year earned them a place in the All-Ireland series thanks to their success in last year’s Tailteann Cup.

Westmeath’s top scorers

Ronan O’Toole was Westmeath’s standout scorer with a 1-1 draw. John Heslin and Luke Loughlin were also instrumental in their scoring efforts with 0-3 each, with Heslin’s points coming from frees. Cena Baker went 0-2.

Previous championship matches

“Armagh” is the leader in the history of meetings between the two teams in the championships. In their previous clashes, Armagh emerged victorious on both occasions. In 2018, Armagh dominated with a convincing 3-16-1-11 win, while in 2017 they secured a 1-12-1-7 victory.

The battle of Armagh intensified

Armagh’s extensive four-game provincial campaign highlights their resilience and determination throughout the league. This makes them the county with the most provincial games this year. Westmeath’s qualification for the All-Ireland series stems from their successful performance in last year’s Tailteann Cup, where they demonstrated their ability to compete at a high level.

Starting teams

Prediction and betting

Expect Armagh to win by at least seven points, bookies expect Armagh to win by 8 points. They are 1/12 to win against Westmeath at 8/1.

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