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Petralon Energy. Why we support the Okpekpe race as a CSR partner

Ahonsi Uunigbe, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Petralon Energy Limited, says his company’s support for the historic Okpekpe International 10km Road Race is in fulfillment of a vow he made several years ago.

Petralon Energy Limited is the race’s first CSR partner as it becomes the first road running event in Nigeria to be awarded label status by World Athletics and Ahonsi says he and his company are delighted to be a part of the race which is a gold received an award. label status for the ninth edition which is being held this Saturday in Okpekpe.


“Petralon’s sponsorship of the Okpekpe race started in my mind about 10 years ago when Comrade Adams Oshiomhole’s administration partnered with Mike Itemuagbor and his company Padmozi to launch the Okpekpe 10km road race that made Okpekpe, Edo State and Nigeria. types of sports,” Unyuigbe said.

“I was a commissioner in Comrade Oshiomhole’s administration then and I said to myself that there are wonderful people like Itemuagbor willing to sacrifice their time and money for the welfare of their people.

“Through the Okpekpe race, he has certainly changed the negative narrative about Nigeria out there. I told myself at the time that if I find myself helping, I will definitely do it, and thank God I can do it now as an official CSR partner.”

The CEO of Petralon disclosed that before the Okpekpe race, there will be a test for the mental runners from Ora communities where 100 of them will be sponsored in the Okpekpe main race.

“The race will be held in four of the Ora communities, and there will be prizes for the best three athletes from the Ora community. If others can also impact their communities like Itemuagbor has done and I am going to do, we can also produce many more talented athletes,” added Unyuigbe who revealed Ajayi Agbebaku, the first Nigerian athlete, who won a medal at the World Athletics Championships. from his community.

Meanwhile, race organizers have announced that the collection of running numbers will begin on Thursday, May 25 and end on Friday, May 26 at the Uyi Hotel in Auchi.

“Every day starts between 9am and 6pm and registered runners are encouraged to collect their race number in person. All participating athletes will receive a running vest, number bib and chip and those who complete the 10km race from Apanai Road to the finish line in Okpekpe will receive medals and certificates,” said Race Director Zach Amodu. .

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