OMODA’s Latest Product Actions The new machines will be delivered to Europe soon

WUHU, ANHUI, China, May 22, 2023/ — Recently, the first batch of new OMODA vehicles was officially shipped to Europe. With the acceleration of market globalization, OMODA is expected to launch in Europe in the third quarter of this year.

From market research to the birth of the brand, from developing its first product to shipping to global users, these remarkable achievements have demonstrated OMODA’s maturity within a year of its launch. Through its tough quality and futuristic brand concept, combined with the beauty of movement, wonderful driving experience, smart technology and powerful power, OMODA welcomes the new generation of global users with the innovative quality of global five-star safety.

With the accelerated expansion of the global market, a new round of global brand promotions is being prepared for OMODA, not just one model, but a life philosophy and attitude that carries the expression of young users’ personality and freely crosses different identities. the parallel universe.

OMODA will also build a user ecosystem based on the personalities of young users who are committed to their confidence and attitude, their fashionable and independent lifestyles, and their passion for travel and adventure, online interaction and social gatherings. In this ecosystem, OMODA will commit to user co-creation and service, focus on user activities through multi-dimensional interactions such as O-Trip, O-LAB, O-Club and O-Sport, and communicate and develop OMODA’s brand culture. .

In the past year, OMODA has been recognized and praised by the global new generation, which has helped it overcome difficulties in the international market. In terms of products, OMODA will fully comply with market development trends and launch diversified products such as ICE and EV, thus bringing new smart travel experiences to European users. With the new cars arriving in Europe, the launch of OMODA in Europe in the third quarter of this year is strongly guaranteed.

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