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Nikon Launches Z8 Mirrorless Camera With 45.7MP CMOS Sensor, Priced At Rs 3.43 Lakh – Technology News, Firstpost

Nikon has launched its latest mirrorless camera in India, showcasing its impressive features and capabilities. The camera boasts a powerful 45.7-megapixel full-frame sensor and EXPEED 7 image processor, which guarantees exceptional image quality in a variety of shooting conditions.

Nikon has officially launched the Z8 mirrorless camera in India. The Z8 comes with a full-frame 45.7MP sensor and is paired with an Expeed 7 image processor. At Rs 3.43 for the body alone, the Z8 is basically Nikon’s flagship Z9 on a diet.

Capable of shooting up to 120fps and recording 8K videos at a maximum speed of 30fps, this camera is the best choice for professional videographers and photographers. It also offers advanced features such as 5.5 stops of built-in image stabilization, a 49-point autofocus system with subject tracking, a high-resolution electronic viewfinder with 3.69 million dots, and a 3.2-inch tilting touchscreen LCD.

The Nikon Z8 is specifically designed to meet the needs of professionals who seek high image quality and performance. Its versatility allows it to excel in a wide range of shooting scenarios, including landscapes, portraits, sports and wildlife photography.

Nikon Z8 launched in India. Specifications and features
The Nikon Z8 offers a wide range of impressive features, including HLG (HEIF) format for 10-bit still images, high-resolution zoom, skin softening, portrait impression balance and enhanced AI-algorithm for autofocus. With the HLG (HEIF) format, you can capture images that display a wider spectrum of colors and tones, resulting in more realistic and vivid photos. The high-quality zoom function allows you to zoom in on your subject without sacrificing any fine details.

Specially designed for skin tones, the Skin Softening feature helps smooth out imperfections, ensuring your subjects look their best in photos. Additionally, Portrait Balance lets you control the overall look of your portraits by adjusting things like brightness, contrast, impression warmth, and saturation to your preferences.

Finally, the Nikon Z8 includes an enhanced AI-algorithm for autofocus, ensuring fast and accurate focusing even in difficult lighting conditions. This advanced feature helps the camera lock onto your subject quickly and accurately, increasing the overall performance and reliability of the autofocus function.

Nikon Z8 has been launched in India. prices in India, availability and launch offers
From May 25, 2023, the Nikon Z8 camera body will be available in India at a price of Rs 3,43,995.00 through Nikon outlets across the country. As an exclusive introductory offer for a limited time, Nikon India is giving freebies with the purchase of Nikon Z8.

These freebies include a ProGrade Digital 128GB CFexpress card and an additional rechargeable Li-ion battery (EN-EL15c), which increases the value and usability of the Nikon Z8 camera.

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