Meet the visionary woman behind Lust Minerals

When I think back to where we started, I was running the business myself as my “side gig” keeping the product in the linen closet of my house. So far we’ve moved into two different warehouses, an office, and have 20+ amazing staff who are on this incredible journey with me.

Stacey Hollands, founder of Lust Minerals

Meet Stacey Hollands, a remarkable 33-year-old Australian entrepreneur, mother of two and the vision behind Lust Minerals, Australia’s pure mineral makeup and natural skincare brand.

With a passion for creating products that enhance beauty while prioritizing health and sustainability, Stacey began her entrepreneurial journey from an unexpected starting point—the humble confines of her linen closet.

Stacey’s journey began with a realization brought on by the loss of her father to cancer at a young age. She realized the potential health problems caused by chemicals in beauty products and decided to find a solution. Stacey shared. “After losing my father to cancer at a young age, it really made me realize that we don’t get second chances and that chemicals can play a role and lead to many health problems.”

As a skin therapist, Stacey has noticed that many women use common products that aggravate or irritate their skin. She believed that marriage should be “pure” and “high performance” to deliver real results for women. Stacey said: “Few have married ‘clean’ and ‘high performance’ to deliver real results for women.”

“While there were many naturally-based products out there, few married ‘pure’ and highly effective to deliver real results. At the time, I noticed that many of the mineral foundations on the market seemed expensive. I wondered why mineral makeup should only be available to those who can afford to pay $90 for a foundation.

With an initial investment of $10,000, Hollands began a journey to create her own line of mineral makeup and pure skin care products. Recalling his early products, he said: “My first products were Mattifying Primer, Mineral Stick Cream Foundation, BB cream and Mineral Powder Foundation.”

The brand officially launched in September 2014, just seven months after Stacey’s father passed away. He shared. “We launched in September 2014. I was 25 at the time, and it started seven months after my dad died.”

The beginning

I have invested heavily in mentorship to broaden my mindset as a CEO and leader to ensure that I show up to the business every day with consistency, discipline and confidence to make the brand a success.

Stacey was determined to challenge the prevailing myths surrounding mineral makeup and natural skin care. She noticed that many mineral makeups on the market seemed diluted with fillers, lacking the necessary concentration levels and beneficial minerals. Driven by this realization, he set out to create a product line that would deliver tangible results using pure, high-performance ingredients. Symbolizing this commitment to excellence, the name Lust Minerals was born. Stacey says: “Our name, Lust Minerals, is a play on that.”

To turn his vision into reality, Stacey undertook an extensive product development and improvement process. He found a reliable product developer in Australia and invested $10,000 of his savings to create the initial batch of samples. Over the course of 18 months, Stacey thoroughly tested various formulations and worked closely with the manufacturer to ensure each product met their strict guidelines. These guidelines included vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, high performance capabilities, Australian manufacturing and freedom from chemicals and parabens while remaining suitable for sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Stacey sought feedback from her family, friends and bridal clients to try out the designs. The positive response he received confirmed his commitment and belief in the quality of his products. As Lust Minerals gained traction, Stacey established relationships with six Australian producers who shared her values ​​and ethics.

Guided by the voice of her online community and customer feedback, Stacey expanded the product line and pursued new developments.

He said. “Our relationship with our online community has supported new product development because we really listen to our customers and their pain points.” Stacey has placed a high value on Australian-made products, ensuring ethical manufacturing practices and maintaining control over quality and standards.”

As Lust Minerals gained momentum, Stacey expanded its producer network, forming strong partnerships with six Australian companies that shared the brand’s values.

The brand experienced exponential growth with a remarkable 487 percent growth in the first two years. Today, Lust Minerals thrives with a dedicated team of twenty employees and operates from two spacious warehouses, serving customers worldwide through their highly regarded e-commerce platform.

Reaching customers

Understanding the importance of adaptation and expansion, Hollands invested in influencer marketing and used social media to drive brand growth. In 2021 and 2022, Lust Minerals underwent a vigorous rebranding initiative, moving away from the simple and neutral color schemes associated with mineral beauty brands. Stacey also emphasized the importance of mentorship and personal growth. “I have also invested heavily in mentoring to broaden my mindset as a CEO and leader to ensure that I come into the business every day with consistency, discipline and confidence. »

Stacey initially targeted the B2B salon market, but quickly recognized the emerging potential of e-commerce. “I initially started in the B2B salon market as this was an industry I was very familiar with. Then we started noticing the emergence of e-commerce in late 2018 and knew we had to keep expanding to achieve our vision. Investing in influencer marketing and using social media as a tool has really fueled our growth.

“After years in the making, in 2021 and 2022, Lust Minerals underwent a vigorous rebranding initiative as I wanted to move away from the typical simple and neutral color schemes usually associated with mineral beauty brands.

“My goal from the beginning has been to ensure that anyone making the transition to clean beauty doesn’t have to sacrifice aesthetics.”

Challenges Ahead

“I’ve always been extremely passionate about my why, and the catalyst for starting the brand is that I have an emotional connection to what I do and how I act on purpose every day.”

Throughout her entrepreneurial journey, Stacey faced challenges and moments of self-doubt. Balancing multiple roles as a beauty therapist, mother and business owner, she persevered. Stacey acknowledged the struggles she faced, sharing: “I’ve always looked at challenges as an opportunity to learn and grow, but there were certainly some moments of self-doubt when I first started.” Despite the competition from well-known brands, he used it as motivation to work harder and succeed.

In the early days of Lust Minerals, Stacey single-handedly managed all aspects of the business, wearing several hats and dedicating herself to its success. “When Lust Minerals started, I wore all the hats and ran all areas of the business. I did this while also working as a beauty therapist and as a mother,” she recalls.

Despite feeling like a small fish in a huge sea of ​​well-known brands, Stacey’s determination only grew stronger. Instead of being discouraged by the competition, she saw it as motivation to work even harder to achieve her goals. “I was also up against some pretty big, well-known brands and sometimes felt like a small fish in a big sea. However, at the same time, this just motivated me to work harder to succeed,” he affirms.

Understanding the importance of personal growth and leadership development, Stacey invested heavily in mentoring. He expanded his mindset as a CEO and leader, ensuring that he approached each day of the business with consistency, discipline and unwavering confidence.

Stacey recognized the importance of personal growth and leadership development, investing in mentoring to expand her mindset as a CEO and leader. His deep passion for the “why” and emotional connection to his brand’s mission fueled his intent and consistency in running the business.

From its humble beginnings with products stored in a linen closet, Lust Minerals has grown significantly. Stacey said: “When I think back to where we started, it was running the business myself as my ‘side gig’ with the product I kept in my linen closet at home.” Today, the brand has expanded to two warehouses and established an office. Stacey credits her incredible team of over 20 staff who share her vision and passion for the brand’s success.

As the brand gained popularity, Stacey’s confidence in its success grew. Pro Finish Liquid Foundation became the best-selling product, selling out every two minutes. Customer reviews and nearly 5,000 testimonials and photos on the brand’s website continued to motivate Stacey to provide exceptional options that had a positive, healthy and visible effect on the skin.

Adopting an environmentally friendly approach

As a brand, I want to strive to minimize our environmental impact, and as we grow, it’s important to me that we do our part to offset that wherever possible.

Lust Minerals also adopted an environmentally friendly approach. Partnering with One Tree Planted, the brand has committed to offsetting its carbon footprint by donating and planting 330 trees each month. In addition, Lust Minerals encourages customers to participate in their recycling initiative by returning six full-size used products. In return, customers received a free Lust Minerals product. Used and empty products were collected using a Zero Waste Box provided by TerraCycle, ensuring they were diverted from landfills and recycled into raw materials for reuse.

“As a brand, I want to strive to minimize our environmental impact, and as we grow, it’s important to me that we do our part to offset that wherever possible.” The commitment to plant trees is in line with the brand’s mission to continually review and offset its environmental impact as it expands and grows as a business.

Stacey emphasized that Lust Minerals has used advances in formulation technology to bridge the gap between natural ingredients and high-performance products. He believed the minerals market had come a long way in recent years and Lust Minerals capitalized on that progress. Local manufacturing in Australia was a negotiable issue for Stacey as it ensured product integrity and allowed for strict quality control measures. Supporting his country was important to him because Australia was his home.

Being an Australian himself, Hollands emphasizes the importance of supporting one’s country. He shares. “That was always something that was at the forefront of my mind when I first started the brand. Being made locally ensures product integrity and allows for quality control, which is more important to us than cost. Australia is my home and it’s important for me to support my own country.”

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