Inspiring stories of unwavering hope, camaraderie and community

We all know how technology makes our lives easier. I can’t imagine going out now and needing to bring cash all the time. Or traveling without my phone to help with directions, communication and even on-site research. With just a few clicks on our phones, it reduces waiting time in queues, delivers products to our doorstep and even transports us from one place to another. Furthermore, technology also continues to strengthen connections and foster relationships.

Just like with GCash. More than a Finance Super app, GCash has features that allow parents, friends, relatives and even acquaintances to transfer money in a simple and efficient way, making it easy to provide support and financial assistance when needed. Thus, the #GCashStory campaign was born.

At the launch of the #GCashStory campaign with my blogging friends @lushangel, @ruthilicious, @artsyava, Mich and @paxieness

Just a few of the Gcash Stories were shared at the event. These are comments left on their Facebook page. I can relate to most of them.

Eat Alma, one of 79M+ with an inspiring #GCashStory


To highlight the connections fostered through its services, GCash recently launched #GCashStories. The series highlights stories of hope and progress, turning them into inspiring conversations.

Kerr Alma, Direk Tonet Jadaone and John Paraguay with the Brand Team (Willy De Ocampo, Martha Sazon, Neil Trinidad and Lourdes Batac)
Both Gcash Stories were made into a short film


The first short film was a narrative Coco Rubio, who became a small business owner with the help of various GCash services after losing his job due to the pandemic. Thanks to GLoan, Cocoy was able to start his own business and make the necessary transactions that helped him succeed.

“We’re now at 79 million capacity,” said Neil Trinidad, GCash’s Chief Marketing Officer. “We provide 70% of Filipinos with the digital tools they need and have distributed over $320 million in financial aid.”


Now the second film tells the true story of Ate Alma, a university photocopier and breadwinner who lost her home to typhoon flooding. Directed by Antoinette Jadaone, this chapter #GCashStories tugs at the heartstrings and proves how technology not only makes everyday transactions easier, but also provides an affordable way to truly lend a helping hand.

Eat Alma
Direk Tonet Jadaone

After learning that Ate Alma’s house was severely damaged by the flood, university students took it upon themselves to fundraise with the support of GCash. Spreading the word through social media, students and alumni sent their donations to Ate Alma through GCash’s Send Money feature, which allowed volunteers to donate in real time and from wherever they were, directly to Ate Alma’s GCash wallet. Even alumni from different alumni who fondly remembered Ate Alma were able to participate from wherever they were. In the end, Ate Alma’s community was able to raise enough money to buy basic necessities for her and her family, making the road to recovery after the typhoon much easier.

“Sa totoo lang monongi tulong sa akin ng GCash talaga. Hindi ako makapaniya kasi first time lang nangyari sa akin. Thank you talaga sa GCash”. says Ate Alma. “Sobrang nagulat ako, hindi ko akalain na ganoon karami agad ang comet. Isipin mo naging 100,000 agad ang sama sa GCash ko. Talagang Continuum Silang Naghulog sa GCash hangyang nagung yung Bahay namin”.

There is no dry eye after watching Ate Alma’s story
Eat Alma with her “Pangga” / former Ateneo Students
Q&A with Ate Alma, Direk Tonet Jadaone and John Paraguya

Send Money allows GCash users to quickly transfer funds from one account to any of 79 million others. Whether via a unique QR code or the user’s GCash number, money is securely transferred instantly. Furthermore, those who receive the transfer can easily make cashless purchases through GCash payments, or even buy Load, Pay Online, etc. Cash for transfer is also easy as there are many options available. Users can withdraw cash from over 70 online banks, 650,000 merchant partners or 4,000 ATMs nationwide.

“#GCashStories is everyone’s story,” says Neil Trinidad. “And this campaign aims to turn our moments into movements.”

Neil Trinidad, Chief Marketing Officer, GCash

GCash does more than highlight #GCashStories that have changed people’s lives. They took the campaign even further and tapped several non-governmental organizations to help solve real-world problems. The e-wallet has partnered with the ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation and Caritas Manila, where proceeds will go to families in need of disaster relief like Ate Alma.

Watch and be inspired by the story of Ate Alma and the community behind her here:

Congratulations to GCash for this campaign! It made me reminisce about my own GCash story.

Stay tuned to GCash’s official social media pages for other upcoming #GCashStories: Facebook, Instagram:, Twitter:, YouTube: and: TikTok:.

Do you have your own story of hope and progress? Share yours using the hashtags #GCashStories and #MyGCashStory and tagging @gcashofficial.

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