How to Sell on Amazon in 2023 Rank higher on Amazon with A10

The Basics of Amazon’s A10 Product Search Algorithm

The A9 team was developing search algorithms for the top 9 Amazon locations. Back then A9: The search algorithm ranks keywords based on where they occur (header, back end, bullet points, etc.). This led to keyword stuffing, aggressive PPC advertising and frustrated buyers.

In 2019, the algorithm was updated to prioritize the shopping experience. Unofficially called “A10”, it now ranks search results based on product fit and sales performance. So, for each search, A10 will rank products based on how likely they are to be relevant and how reliable the sellers are.

From that point on, it became difficult for sellers to increase the ranking of their products. Factors like sponsored links lost weight in the new algorithm. But things like sales authority were more important. Amazon’s search results are no longer focused on quick profits. Meeting the buyer’s standards came first.

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