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How To Move Heavy Furniture By Yourself – Sights Of The Earth

Everyone at least once in their life finds themselves in a situation when it is necessary to move heavy furniture. This can be due to moving to a new house, renovating an apartment or buying new furniture. Even if you travel. Unless you’re just living in a camper or backpack, you’ll need it when moving furniture. I know I’ve had my share of these experiences.

In any case, such events do not happen often, so most people approach them unprepared. However, this is not a cause for panic. You can always contact a professional moving company from Los Angeles to San Francisco: They will be happy to do this work for you. In addition, we have prepared a professional guide to help you cope with moving heavy furniture. In this article, you’ll read about pre-moving preparations, expert approaches to moving furniture, and tips for keeping you and your belongings safe.

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Moving furniture is a process consisting of several stages. You can either struggle every step of the way or read this article and make the step smooth and enjoyable.

Create a plan

As strange as it sounds, you should start moving heavy furniture with a notebook. Make a list of everything that needs to be moved and determine the order in which the items will be loaded onto the truck. The heaviest should be located near the walls. Lighter and smaller items can be placed above or inside wardrobes.

If you start mindlessly moving everything, there is a chance that a proper “jam” will be created at your entrance. If you doubt that an object will pass through the door, measure the dimensions first. To avoid this challenge, you can delegate it to the competent Orange County to San Francisco:

Get ready to move. pack your gear

How to move heavy furniture safely and easily? The modern home furnishing industry has come up with many cool things that make this task easier. Below is a list of equipment and supplies that you can find at any hardware store:

  • furniture slides. They help the heavy object slide easily across the floor and even across the carpet. Buy a few and moving furniture on wood floors won’t cause scratches.
  • Boxes, plastic wrap and other packaging materials. Good separation will make it easier to find the right items and parts in a new location.
  • Dolls. Whether you’re moving furniture on your own or with a friend, a dolly can save a lot of time. You can rent it from a moving company.
  • Moving tapes. Another useful thing that allows you to lift more than you would with your hands.

Remove any obstructions

When moving heavy objects such as furniture or appliances, no one and nothing should stand in your way. Make sure there are no small objects or debris on the floor. Boxes should not be placed in or near hallways. If you have double doors, open them wide. Cleaning the area will help prevent unpleasant trips, falls and even injuries.

Disassemble the furniture into small pieces

Most furniture has movable parts: shelves, cushions, drawers, etc. Often the legs can be separated from the table or the back from the sofa. Furniture must be dismantled before moving. This will significantly reduce its weight and prevent small parts from falling.
Collect all small parts and screws in bags and label them. So you can easily find them when collecting in a new home.


Another suggestion that may sound ridiculous. Really, what a stretch, you’re not in the gym. However, remember that your couch may weigh more than a barbell or other exercise equipment. Your body will be under extraordinary stress for several hours, so it must prepare accordingly. Do a light warm-up and make sure your arms, legs and core are in good shape.

Lift heavy furniture correctly

To avoid unnecessary stress and possible injuries, there are some simple tips that will help you:

  • Lift heavy furniture with your legs, not your back. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart or wider, grasp the object with your gloved hands or the treadmill, and begin to slowly straighten your legs. The back should be straight.
  • When moving, the furniture should be as close to your body as possible. Do not carry it with outstretched hands.
  • Do not twist the spine, make all the turns with your legs.
  • After all, how to move heavy furniture yourself? Take it slow. Rushing movements can cause excessive dynamic stress on the joints.

Plan ahead for pickup

The final part of your plan should be unloading and arranging the furniture in your new home. If you load the truck incorrectly, unloading will be more difficult and will take longer. Try to move the furniture to the delivery point so that it reaches the right place immediately.

In any case, remember that relocation is an extraordinary event that rarely happens. If you don’t know how to move furniture yourself or you just don’t want to do it yourself, turn to professionals who help people move every day. They know all these tricks and will gladly offer you their services.

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