How to bring civil discourse back into your business (and your life)

One of the biggest problems we face in this world is the lack of civil discourse. This did not start in 2016, but has been built over the last 30 years. The lack of accountability and the ability to post anonymous comments on social media has been incredibly destructive to civilization in our communications inside and outside of your small business.

This week on Small Business Radio, I discussed it with Milan Kordestani, serial entrepreneur and “I’m Just Saying. The art of civil discourse. Author of the book “A Guide to Maintaining Polite Communication in an Increasingly Divided World”. a triple startup founder, builder, and team leader with a clear vision to balance learning and earning while promoting civil discourse.

How to bring civil discourse back into your business

This is what I asked.

How did we get here and where does it all start to go wrong? Why don’t people communicate outside of their “bubbles” anymore?

Why do you think it’s important in today’s societal dynamics for those with differing viewpoints to engage in cordial and civil discourse?

What would you say is a major disadvantage in not having the learned ability to communicate effectively and respectfully with those whose opinions differ from ours?

To what extent would you say the consumption of digital media in today’s world is exacerbating the problem?

What are some of the biggest challenges you see when it comes to maintaining a civility in online interactions and social media?

Maintaining polite communication in a world that struggles with the ability to listen can be more of an art than a science. What are some of your top tips?

How can we communicate effectively and have constructive conversations with those who hold different viewpoints without insults or personal attacks?

Can you discuss the role of empathy and active listening in fostering more constructive conversations?

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Image by Milan Kordestani

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