How Hybrid AI Supports Horizon Scanning –

Changes are happening around us all the time, even if we are not aware of them. There are signs and signals, some subtle, others more obvious, and while not all changes will affect your business, knowing what to expect can help organizations prepare for the risks and opportunities of the future.

However, the proliferation of data and sources, especially unstructured data in text form, makes it difficult to distill the information contained into information available for insights and decision making. Here, artificial intelligence (AI) technologies play a crucial role in locating, correlating, analyzing and automating horizon scanning operations.

What is Horizon Scan?

Horizontal scanning is a forward-looking analysis that gives organizations visibility into upcoming trends, issues, and any factors related to your markets or areas of your business that may drive change, introduce risk, or drive innovation. It’s about turning even weak signals into actionable insights that can be used for strategic planning.

Events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, political conflicts, changing environmental conditions, and technological evolutions (including ChatGPT and the rapid development and adoption of large language models) have an impact on the economy and society, all the way down to the local supply chain. , the effects of which may not be seen for years, while others are already making themselves known.

That’s why governments and organizations across industries must detect even the faintest signals in this increasingly unpredictable world. In this context, making full use of all information relevant to your business is no longer optional, but mandatory.

The critical role of data

Information, intelligence, and analytics stored in internal silos, outsourced, or lost in the noise of common Internet information streams have the potential to put every area of ​​business at a disadvantage, especially when it comes to decision-making. .

The vast majority of this information is in the form of unstructured linguistic data, from documents, reports, social media feeds, and email. internet, online forums, social networks, but also internal content management systems, intranets and other document repositories.

The potential of this information for insight and decision-making can only be realized with advanced technology capable of acquiring, understanding, processing, distilling and correlating the linguistic data it contains.

Hybrid AI for Horizon scanning

This is where AI technology can provide tremendous support, providing actionable information to business processes and a more comprehensive view of the market to support decision-making, with proactive monitoring capabilities that identify connections between targets as data emerges in multiple languages. This is the platform.

With a unique combination of the iconic AI approach, machine learning and big language models, the platform uses different techniques to deliver maximum performance in every use case. It does more than just consolidate all your data; it delivers the right information to the right people at the right time.

By seamlessly combining vast amounts of data from multiple internal and external sources and turning it into distilled insights that are immediately actionable, we help you gain competitive advantage. We offer seamless integration with your existing BI, ERP and other data management platforms to ensure maximum business value.

Here are some of the enterprise challenges that Horizon Scanning can identify:

  • What are the most likely key drivers of change that will affect my business?
  • How can we manage so much data and identify threats before it’s too late?
  • Are any of our suppliers or partners experiencing financial difficulties?
  • Can the latest research and studies help us create new products?
  • How can we track our competitors and predict what they might do in the future?
  • Do our legal documents comply with the latest changes in regulatory legislation?
  • How can we gain insight from data to improve customer engagement?
  • What does this new trend mean for our business?

For more information about our Horizon Scanning solutions, download the data sheet:

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