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Hoping to lead India’s $150 billion e-commerce market in the long term;

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Reliance Retail is likely to be the long-term leader in India’s $150 billion e-commerce market, according to brokerage Berstein. “The Long View. India’s e-commerce. 150 billion dollar market” report. Three players, one Disruptive Playbook, a US asset management platform, said Reliance Retail and Jio have several advantages, including “home field advantage”.

“We believe that Reliance Retail/Jio is the best positioned player in the largest and fastest growing e-commerce market. Its retail network, mobile network, digital ecosystem and notoriously complex regulatory and operating environment mean it is likely to capture the lion’s share of the $150 billion e-commerce market in the long term,” the report said.

The brokerage report added that India is emerging as a three-player market with Amazon, Walmart and Reliance. Moreover, RIL is said to have seen this coming. “Since 2015, RIL has built Reliance Retail has grown into a nationwide network of over 18,000 stores with a GMV of USD 30 billion, a dominant 4G network with 430 million subscribers in Reliance Jio and a powerful digital media platform OTT/IPL, music streaming, news. through strategic acquisitions,” he said.

Berstein also said that the winner in the Indian e-commerce market will be whoever has the most compelling integrated value proposition – offline, online and also in terms of primary. The report compares the three giants with a focus on multiple services, a large technology adoption model (TAM), fashion becoming the largest e-commerce category, Get Fit and Get’s deep, robust partner network, and government regulations on foreign direct investment (FDI).

Discussing the competition between these e-commerce giants, the report said that fashion has become the largest e-commerce category and states that in terms of strong partner network, Reliance has created a deep digital ecosystem in e-commerce, entertainment and finance. services that position it well with end customers.

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