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Google Labs. A gateway to business innovation

With its latest offering, Google Labs, Google has introduced a unique opportunity for small businesses. This innovative platform allows users to test early-stage Google features and products, getting a first-hand look at potentially transformative tools.

Inspired by the original, the new Google Labs is a space for bold and responsible experimentation from all corners of the company. Starting today, users can sign up for a wide range of limited-slot trials. The most exciting part of this platform is the ability to provide direct feedback to development teams, thus facilitating a collaborative environment between users and creators.

Tests that small businesses can expect include:

  • Search laboratoriesThis lab introduces new ways to explore information in Google Search. One of the features is SGE (Search Generative Experience), which offers AI-powered hints, pointers and further recommendations. This feature could potentially revolutionize how small businesses gather information and make informed decisions.
  • Workspace LabsThis lab introduces new features that improve the creation and collaboration processes in Google Workspace. These include writing suggestions in Google Docs and Gmail, data organization in Google Sheets, and text images in Google Slides. Features like these can significantly streamline small business workflows, freeing up more time for strategic activities.
  • Project TailwindThis experience represents the first AI notebook powered by your notes and sources. For small businesses, this tool can be invaluable in effectively managing and organizing information.
  • MusicLM:We discussed this tool in the previous article. It’s an artificial intelligence tool that converts text descriptions into music, potentially a great tool for businesses involved in the creative industry.

Some of these innovative ideas may turn into full-fledged features or products, while others may not. The fate of these tools depends heavily on user input, making feedback from small business users critical to shaping the future of Google Labs.

Since Google Labs plans to rotate different ideas frequently, it encourages users to check back frequently to discover what’s new. This platform can be an exciting opportunity for small businesses to experiment with potential game-changing tools and have a say in their development.

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