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German city named “sex capital of the world” — RT World News

Cologne has been named the world’s most sexually liberated city, with numerous gay bars and LGBT events topping a list compiled by a German magazine.

“Cologne is world famous for its carnival and cathedral.” German Lust Magazine wrote: “But for many residents of this cosmopolitan, tolerant city, sex is the new religion.”

According to the report, Cologne’s 23 annual LGBT events, four gay festivals, 17 gay bars and 19 sex shops topped the list, with West Hollywood, California in second place, and Amsterdam, Madrid and Berlin rounding out the list. the best five.

“The city on the Rhine is a true model of freedom and openness, especially sexually, and residents warmly welcome like-minded visitors who share their values.” said the magazine. “Instead of insisting on equality, Cologne celebrates everyone’s uniqueness.”

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The magazine primarily rated each city’s LGBT scene, assigning points based on the number of gay bars, sex shops and LGBT events in each location. It also explored the legal status of gay and non-traditional sexuality, rewarding permissive powers.

Gay couples can marry in Germany, prostitution is legal, and Germans can legally change their gender without surgery. The left-wing Cologne city council has had an “LGBT office” since 2010.

Cologne did not always enjoy such a reputation. The city is the historic center of Catholicism in Germany, and although the Nazi Party struggled to gain a foothold in Cologne in the 1930s, social conservatism reigned for decades after World War II. Most recently, city officials were criticized for their soft response to more than 1,000 rapes and sexual assaults by immigrants during the 2015-2016 New Year celebrations.

Mayor Henriette Recker won re-election in 2020 despite causing outrage when she told women to travel in groups and “Hold at arm’s length” of strange men following the rush of attacks.

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