Frontier Pets Cat Food Review ~ 2023

To say Border animals Cat food is evolutionary, it might seem a bit far-fetched, but I wholeheartedly believe it is.

Many years ago, before I knew better, I fed my cat what I was told was “the best cat food”. I was given a recommendation by my vet and I trusted the recommendation. In retrospect, it seemed crazy that I fed corn and rice hard kip to my carnivore cat to treat his kidney failure.

Two decades later, and vet-recommended cat food hasn’t changed much, and neither have most cats.

That means we’re still abusing our cats with commercial products that aren’t really appropriate. It is debated with dogs, but in the world of science it is indisputable that cats are carnivores. The diet of carnivores is also virtually indisputable. So why are most cat foods made primarily from grains, potatoes, or other starches?

For these reasons, I consider cats to be more abused than dogs when it comes to inappropriate pet food. We have much better options for dogs these days and better awareness, but cats are largely ignored.

That’s why I consider Frontier Pets cat food to be evolutionary because it’s made with your cat’s ingredients. indeed needs and I’m sure the benefits to their health will be immeasurable.

What is the actual lifespan of a cat when fed a nutritious, well-balanced, carnivore diet?

Frontier Pets Cat Food Review

What does marketing say?

You probably already know that I love to pick holes in marketing software, but I can’t do that with Frontier Pets. all is fair and good.

What I love most about this Austrian company is that they are totally against factory farming. One of their main goals is to support Australian free-range farmers, and they’ve done that with dog food to date, investing over $6 million in sustainable agricultural products.

That’s what I call supporting real Australian farming.

I’m sure you can imagine the conditions in factory farms, and I don’t want to paint a picture, so buying free range is much more ethical, don’t you think?

The Frontier Pets cat food designed by a practicing holistic veterinarian, Dr. Kathy Kornack 100% human grade natural ingredients.

Both dog and cat food formulas are available 100% Australianwhich is great to see.

Being freeze dried means that the nutrients in the food will be intact, which is much better than cooked food/ adding pure water is a great benefit for your cat. Did you know that many cats suffer from a lack of moisture? As desert animals, they depend on the moisture of their prey, and you don’t find much moisture in regular kibbutzim.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients so you can decide if this is something you want to feed your cat and why. Even if you decide not to buy this food, I’m sure you’ll pick up some key facts that will benefit your cat’s health.

What are the ingredients? indeed say

When you realize how much grain (and other substitutes) are stuffed into our cats every day in the form of Aussie Vet Dr. Tom Lonsdale Called “junk pet food,” you’ll really appreciate the key ingredients in Frontier Pets cat food;

  • Grass-fed, free-range beef – an excellent source of protein and fat for your cat.
  • A bag of grass-fed, free-range beef – a highly nutritious and very natural ancestral cat diet, rich in all types of nutrients, omega fatty acids, digestive enzymes and probiotics. Tripe will benefit your cat’s health and well-being in many ways.
  • Grass-fed beef liver from free range – One of the most nutritious offal naturally digested by cats, packed with vitamins and minerals, protein and fatty acids. Unfortunately, in the absence of almost all cat foods, liver will do wonders for your cat’s health.

This is from the Free Range beef formula and you will find that the whole fish and lamb formula is very similar but obviously from different animal sources.

The above are the ingredients adheres to your pet’s carnivore dietary requirements. Many many.

Your cat benefits from the food she has biologically designed to digest should pay dividends. I often wonder what the actual lifespan of a cat might be with the current averages based on a population of cats fed inadequate food.

How long can your cat live on a better, more natural diet?

We’ve covered the essentials, but what about the rest?

I’ll forgive you if you skip this next part and go buy a bag. For completeness, I want to cover the lesser known ingredients as well.

When I first mentioned the launch of Frontier Pets cat food on Facebook, someone made a weird comment about how horrible this food is because it contains: vegetables and fruits.

I have to say I rolled my eyes a little, but you have to expect this stuff on social media. I would be more against a cat food that is 50% carbs from wheat and grain by-products, with protein from corn rather than meat. The same applies to food for cats that consume fruits and vegetables, which cannot be said here.

Frontier Pets cat food recipes contain about 3.5% carbohydrates (freeze-dried) and 0.7% when reconstituted. with water. This alone indicates that fruits and vegetables have been stored a profitable amount.

Fruits and vegetables are primarily carbohydrates and fiber, and there are many research articles suggesting that fiber in a cat’s diet can help with nutrient utilization, stool quality (and digestion), and possibly help with hairball management.

A study that is funded Purinahad unexpected results that vegetables in a cat’s diet can help with weight loss.

Let’s go over the fruits and vegetables of this food to see the benefits.

  • Apple: – rich in calcium, vitamins C and K, pectin and high in phytonutrients if you include the skin.
  • carrot As well as being a source of fiber to help strengthen your cat’s stool, carrots are rich in vitamins A, K, B6 and potassium.
  • Broccoli – can support digestive function and a healthy gut in cats.

I can see them being helpful in a small way, so for me, Cathy Kornak has included them with your cat in mind completely.

The next ingredient free range eggsgreat for cats – a natural source of complete protein. When you think about the purpose of eggs, it’s easy to see why they are so nutritious.

The only remaining ingredient is the inclusion of vitamins and minerals, although it’s likely that the essentials are completely covered.

Quick summary

Frontier Pets is a great choice for your cat.

Add a few chicken necks or carcasses to their diet to help keep their teeth clean (and happy) and I’m sure you’re onto an absolute winner.

If only cat food like this, meant for your cat, were the common exception rather than the rare exception. I’m sure we’d have a much healthier cat population, and a lot of vets twiddling their thumbs doing nothing.

Trying to decide on beef or whole fish formulas? Why not rotate between the two? Consider the variety a good thing!

If you can’t justify the cost of Frontier Pets (it seems expensive compared to wheat and corn-based cat food), feed it as part of the diet or as a “topper” and your cat will still benefit from it.

Where to buy?

Buy directly from the Frontier Pets website.


Frontier Pets cat food ingredients (beef free formula):

Grass-fed beef from ground beef, Grass-fed beef from ground beef, Grass-fed beef liver from free range, Certified organic seasonal fruits and vegetables (including apples, carrots and broccoli), Free range eggs, Added vitamins and minerals


The typical composition of Frontier Pets cat food (beef free formula):

the protein 50%
Fat 42%
Carbohydrates 3.5% (0.7% rehydrated)
Note: these are listed as typical values ​​for freeze drying.

Total score

If supporting an Australian pet food company isn’t your thing, or supporting ethical Australian farming, the fact that Frontier Pets is a great choice for your carnivore cat’s health might make you want to give this wonderful cat food a try.


  • Meat, tripe, liver – excellent for your cat.
  • Ethically sourced from Australian farmers (no factory farming)
  • 100% Australian, human quality ingredients
  • Freeze-dried keeps nutrients intact and adding pure water is great for your cat

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