From Salah to Halland. Premier League stars with the most fake Instagram followers

As the Premier League draws to a close, fans can keep up with their favorite players by following them on social media, but follower numbers aren’t always what they seem.

Interested to find out which players might have majority fake followers, The experts at SeatPick went to Transfermarkt to find the top 100 Premier League players by market value and then calculated their fake follower rating using Modash.

Highlights of the research:

  • Liverpool favourite Mohamed Salah potentially over 12.8 million Most fake Instagram followers of any Premier League player.
  • “Manchester United” defender Raphael Varane the second is the ending 6 million Potential fake Instagram followers
  • Chelsea Raheem Sterling has the fewest in the top 10 at over 2.7 million fake followers
  • By the club Manchester United The Instagram account has the most fake followers, almost 14 million
  • Brentford: has a minimum, only 105.300 rated fake followers.

Players with the most fake followers

Players with the most fake followers

Kallang-Singapore-15JUL2022-Mohamed Salah #11 of Liverpool in action against Crystal Palace during the pre-season at the National Stadium, Singapore. Copyright: (Daykung) /

SeatPick can reveal that the player with potentially the most fake followers is the Liverpool midfielder. Mohamed Salah. He boasts a whopping 59 MILLION Instagram followers (more than Liverpool itself), but according to Modash, 21.65% of those are fake, which equates to over 12 million followers.

Manchester United’s player is in second place behind him Raphael Varane. Varane has 60% fewer followers than Salah (21,623,392) but almost 28% of them are false (6,028,602), which means he can only 15 million Real Instagram followers.

The central striker of “Manchester City” is in the third place Erling Haalandwho boasted 29 million Instagram followers, but more than ⅕ of them may be fake (5,983,370), which means his real followers may be over. 23 million followers.

Rounding out the top 10 is the Chelsea star Raheem Sterling who has the least number of fake followers equal to 2,755,412 Of his more than 10.4 million followers (26.4%), which means he has more than a legitimate following 7.6 million

Clubs with the most fake followers

Clubs with the most fake followers

Club with the most fake followers Manchester United. The club’s official account has over 61 million followers, but almost 14 million (22.4%) are fake.

In second place are the people of Manchester Manchester City whose official Instagram account has more than 42 million followers. However, 24.6% of them may be fake or more than 10.5 million followers.

It is in the third Chelsea: The Blues’ Instagram account has nearly 40 million followers, but 24.4% of those (9,774,047) may be fake.

It is the club with the most real followers Brentford: who may only have 105,300 (27%) fake followers.

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