Freenet 2023: A Decentralized Replacement for the Web and More!

Wikipedia describes Freenet as a “censorship-resistant, peer-to-peer platform for anonymous communication” launched in 2000. “Both Freenet and some of its associated tools were originally designed by Ian Clark,” Wikipedia adds. (And in 2000, Clark answered questions from Slashdot readers…)

And now Ian Clark (aka Sanity — Slashdot reader #1,431) returns to share this announcement:

Freenet, a familiar name to Slashdot readers for over 23 years, has undergone a radical transformation: Freenet 2023, or “Locutus.” While the original Freenet was like a decentralized hard drive, the new Freenet is like a fully decentralized computer, allowing for fully decentralized services such as messaging, group chat, search, social networking, and more. The new Freenet is implemented in Rust and designed for efficiency, flexibility, and transparency for the end user.
“Designed for simplicity and flexibility, Freenet 2023 can be used seamlessly through your web browser, providing an experience similar to the traditional web,” the statement explained.

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