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Former TUI hostess warns holidaymakers about hidden hotel cameras | world news

A former TUI hostess has warned holidaymakers to check hidden cameras in their hotel rooms when travelling. Esther Sturus, 22, took to TikTok to explain how she scans every hotel room for sneaky devices.

In the video, which has garnered nearly 3.7 million views and nearly 480,000 likes, Ms Sturus, originally from the Netherlands, explains what she does when she walks into a new room.

He explained. “The first thing I do when I enter my hotel room now. I’m checking for hidden cameras.”

She said she starts by checking her bathroom mirrors. He does this by pressing on the glass to see if anything is visible or if there is tape inside.

Afterward, Ms. Sturus said she checked the shower and the ends of the fire alarm using her phone’s flashlight.

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His final checks include looking around the room, including around and behind curtains, drawers and inside the TV.

Fellow TikTok users praised Ms Sturus for the “great tip” after she posted it on the platform.

Many others have also left their tips and hacks that they use when they first walk into a hotel room. One of the users said: “My mom has a camera detector when we stay at a hotel or Airbnb.”

Another added: “Me too. And for anything else that shouldn’t be in the room. Travelers can never be too cautious or aware of your surroundings.”

Some said they do exactly the same tests as Ms. Sturus, who also worked at KLM, when they first walk into a new room.

One user said that they always do the mirror test, while someone simply says: “That’s smart.”

Ms Sturus also shared details of other places she checked, such as alarm clocks, clock radios, lamps, lights, smoke detectors, mirrors and thermostats.

She also shared details of other hotel tips with her followers, including how to iron outfits when there’s no iron and how to close curtains that don’t close properly.

Ms. Sturus has previously shared other uses for the shower cap.

The 22-year-old’s experience comes after four years as a presenter. He started his career in 2019.

The reason for checking the cameras is so that she is safe and that her privacy is assured when she is using a hotel room.

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