FaZe Rain is tearing into the CEO for allegedly mismanaging the organization and also calling for the signing of popular streamer Nickmercs.

Nordan “FaZe Rain” has been at odds with his esports organization for several months now, and he recently took to Instagram stories to call out the CEO for mismanaging the company and causing a financial mess. The esports personality’s attacks against the group have intensified in recent days, and he even claimed that signing Nickmercs to the organization was “damage control.”

In the forty-second clip, which he uploaded as part of his Instagram story today, Nordan recounts how the CEO apparently hired incompetent staff and overpaid some executives to get millions in shares of the company.

“The craziest thing is that the CEO got five to six million shares or something like that. And that’s only because he hired incompetent staff. Like some HBO boomers, boomers who don’t get sh*t. right, some executives a few thousand dollars a year, hundreds of thousands of shares, whatever, right?’

FaZe Rain went on to say that the CEO caused a financial problem for the company.

“He’s causing a mess and FaZe can’t pay their employees. So he’s paying for it out of his own money, like, he’s covering up the mess he made, and then he’s getting millions in stock for it.”

Then the creator told how he tried to help the organization by recruiting Counter-Strike.

“I go to the Counter-Strike team for us when we need it. It’s just a blessing. It’s not even messy. I’m just protecting the team. I get nothing for it, nothing. Not even a dollar.”

“Damage Control to the TFUE Situation”. FaZe Rain claims the organization signed Nickmercs to recover damages caused by TFUE conflicts

Fans of FaZe Clan and esports in general will remember the fiasco that was the TFUE contract scandal that became a huge deal back in 2019-2020. Without going into details, the Fortnite content creator had stated that the contract offered to him by the organization was “overwhelming”, causing quite a stir in the community.

Screenshots of various Instagram Stories (Image via @fazerain/Instagram)
Screenshots of various Instagram Stories (Image via @fazerain/Instagram)

In their latest Instagram stories, FaZe Rain claims that by recruiting popular Call of Duty streamer Nickmercs into the clan, the higher-ups tried to repair the damage done to their image. He also revealed that the creator allegedly receives a million dollars a year for the deal.

“You know FaZe recruited Nick Mercks in 2018 [sic] as “damage control” (their words not mine) to the TFUE situation and those morons pay him $1 million a year.”

FaZe Rain later lashed out at Nickmercs, implying that he hasn’t done anything memorable for the organization;

“I couldn’t think of a more memorable moment with Nickmercs & FaZe. Like literally none.”

@JakeSucky: Of course I posted on my IG story, it’s not an insult to her for knowing her. This is a totally political move on their part to have women for patronage. Not because it’s the right thing to do haha. I also looked him up @ up w FaZe. His name was never discussed with FaZe… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

FaZe Rain has been outspoken against the esports giants for a while now, and he recently released a piece of upcoming news about the popular Twitch streamer and Stranger Things Actress Grace Van Dien may join the cast. He also called it a political move, responding to reporter Jake Lackey on Twitter.

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