Factory images of the Google Pixel Watch are now available, but there’s a big catch

Charging Google Pixel Watch

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

TL; Dr

  • Google has released the OTA and factory images of the Pixel Watch.
  • This program allows users to flash vanilla firmware.
  • Unfortunately, you need a Google-issued adapter to connect your watch to your computer.

The Google Pixel Watch has been available for half a year now, launching alongside the Pixel 7 series. Although factory images of the watch have not been released online, that is now changing.

Google quietly posted the watch’s factory images and OTA firmware to its developer site this week (h/t XDA Developers) Thus, programmers and thorough developers have the opportunity to accelerate the original firmware.

These images allow users to quickly update to the latest firmware if they don’t want to wait their turn for an over-the-air update. It is also suitable for custom ROM development, tweaking and troubleshooting, allowing users to revert to vanilla software.

Are you ready to ignite? Not so fast.

Unfortunately, the big problem is connecting your Pixel Watch to a computer in order for these images to show up on your wearable in the first place.

“Flashing factory or full OTA images to the Google Pixel Watch requires a debug adapter, which Google distributes by invitation only,” the company says on its developer site.

However, hackers have had some success using DIY methods to connect the watch to their PC, although this includes: sacrifice the USB cable.

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