launches AI platform for life sciences,

  • New Platform for Life Sciences has been selected as a finalist in the Best of Show at the 2023 Bio-IT Awards.
  • The platform combines industry language models and AI-based natural language capabilities to transform health and scientific data into insights., a leader in providing AI-powered language solutions to enterprises, today announced the availability of the platform for Life Sciences. With the Life Sciences Platform, teams can seamlessly access advanced natural language understanding capabilities, learning methodologies, major third-party language models such as BioBert and Bio-GPT, and pre-built customizable knowledge models to build personalized solutions. :

Timely access to relevant scientific data speeds decision-making, improves R&D and helps bring better medical treatments to market faster. The time and resources required to manually source EHRs (Electronic Health Records), multiple global clinical trial databases, and scientific literature publications make data extraction inefficient and prone to omission. As a result, life sciences companies must derive value from AI-based natural language technologies to achieve greater efficiency, innovate and transform business while maintaining the highest degree of security, privacy and factual accuracy.

The platform for life sciences leverages solutions and industry practices honed in real-world implementation with global organizations and scientific publishers such as Sanofi, New England Journal of Medicine, EBSCO, 3M Health- and INSERM. Through a hybrid AI approach that combines natural language tools, enterprise language models and machine learning, the platform for life sciences is fundamentally changing the way unstructured medical and scientific data are monitored, perceived, analyzed and collated. It allows teams to access knowledge and insights that are typically trapped in medical articles, reports, press releases, clinical studies, client/patient interactions, consent forms, and more. as well as the highest quality and up-to-date knowledge based on industry standards such as MeSH, UMLS Conditions & Interventions and IUPAR.

Core solutions are available on the Platform for Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical and life sciences teams can rely on the platform to:
· Validation of a scientific claimValidate scientific claims against reliable public and private sources of knowledge;
· drug detectionMap connections between biomedical entities in the literature for in-depth causal analysis to support researchers;
· Insights into clinical trialsFollow clinical trials and social media feeds filtered by any combination of indication, drug, mechanism of action, sponsor, or geography to gain insight into clinical trials;
· Regulatory reporting analysisAccelerate the quality control process of analyzing clinical and preclinical reports using sensitive and proprietary data sources before they are submitted to regulatory authorities.

“Life Sciences organizations are transforming their business with AI-powered natural language technologies to gain faster and better insights.” said Christoph Aubrey, Global Head of Value Creation the time “But when data must be especially responsible in an industry that has always been in the spotlight for its strict regulations, the challenge is to strike the right balance between speed and compliance. The platform for life sciences offers an effective way to improve efficiency. This enables subject matter experts to leverage their expertise and stay up-to-date with the latest scientific developments to streamline R&D activities, maintain their competitive edge, and deliver long-term value with tangible and rapid ROI.

As one of the finalists in the Bio-IT World Best in Show Awards, will present its Platform Life Sciences at the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo 2023, where a panel of judges will select the final award winners. The Best of Show Awards will honor several new products live during the event, which begins at 4:40 on Wednesday, May 17, during the Best of Show Awards Reception.

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