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EP377. Intimacy, Transformative Sex, and Relationship Magic with Susan Bratton

Susan Bratton is an intimacy expert for millions with one simple mission: to turn “having sex” into making love together. In this episode, Drew and Susan talk about transforming your sexual health, rekindling stale relationship fires, practical ways to increase blood flow throughout your body, and even how a sex toy could save your life.

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[05:30] Susan talks about how her marriage almost fell apart and how discovering true intimacy completely changed her relationship with her husband.

[13:15] Regenerative health, sexual biohacking, male enhancement, and how technology for both male and female sexual enhancement is rapidly evolving.

[22:30] The best supplement to improve your sexual health, some interesting statistics that explain why you can decrease blood flow levels and the importance of nitric oxide.

[25:20] All about sex toys, how to pair toys as a couple and how to keep your relationship fresh.

[28:10] Relationship Magic by Understanding Your Partner’s Needs and Values ​​and Following the “Platinum Rule”

[34:10] Sexual health is connected to physical health, and how a simple device can save your life.

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