Dolphins vs St George Illawarra Dragons results, kick-off, updates, round 13 news; Paul Votin is disappointed in the Bunker

Paul Votin has told the story of why he never appeared in a rugby league advert starring Tina Turner after the legendary singer died overnight.

While the Manly great explained that he got ready for one commercial, his figure unfortunately didn’t cut it for the directors.

“They lined me up and said we need you to go to Maroubra Beach, we’re going to do this commercial with Tina Turner… and bring some celery, I thought it was going to be dangerous,” he laughed.

“They put me in the middle of Wayne Pearce and Andrew Ettingshausen, I fit in and I’m going to have a pretty good season to be honest.

“We did this run down the beach about five times and they said let’s rest.

“I’m listening to an American director and he’s saying to somebody, ‘Hey man, who’s that fat, hairy guy in the middle? Man, get him out of my frame.”

“And they brushed me off. I can’t believe it.”

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