Can caffeine actually make you sleepy? – Life Savvy

The woman sleeps in front of the computer holding a cup of coffee.
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For most Americans, a cup of coffee in the morning is the perfect start to the day. Some of us even enjoy an energy drink in the afternoon. But can caffeine make you sleepy?

It turns out that in some cases, you can remain sleepy even after consuming caffeine.

Although caffeine is usually energizing, some factors usually interfere. Lack of sleep, developing a tolerance to caffeine, and dehydration can all leave you feeling tired despite your drink.

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While caffeine usually gives you an energy boost, these effects can’t replace lost sleep. If you don’t regularly get the amount of sleep you need, a cup of coffee or an energy drink won’t make much of a difference to you.

Also, if you drink so much caffeine that you develop a tolerance to it, it’s natural to not feel energized after consuming caffeinated beverages. Basically, the caffeine no longer has the effect it used to and you still feel drowsy.

It’s also worth noting that only drinking coffee (and not drinking enough water) can lead to dehydration, which also contributes to fatigue.

So if you want to experience the energy boost from caffeine, make sure you get enough sleep, limit your caffeine intake, and drink plenty of water.

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