Can a cat ride a motorcycle safely? Facts and Tips

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As a cat owner and frequent motorcyclist, I often wonder if I can have my cat join me for a ride. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to make motorcycle riding safe for cats, but read on for factors to consider before strapping your cat on a helmet and hitting the road. I also discuss whether cats like to travel and the tools and equipment you’ll need. In short, yes, cats can ride a motorcycle with the right safety precautions.

Do cats enjoy motorcycle rides?

Unlike dogs who like to stick their heads out of the car window and enjoy the breeze while their owner drives on a summer day, cats are naturally not inclined to enjoy getting out of the house, be it by car or motorcycle. They usually prefer the safety of their homes, where they know the area and all the hiding places. They can jump in an unfamiliar area and are easily frightened by loud noises, such as those that can often occur on the road. However, some cats don’t mind driving, so if you have one, they might enjoy a bike too.

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How can I ride a motorcycle safely with my cat?

1. Get a carrier and harness

If your cat wants to ride a bike with you, the first step is to get a good carrier. It should be tight but provide plenty of ventilation so your pet can stay cool. It should also be large enough for your cat to rest and turn around comfortably. If you use a harness, make sure it’s tight, but not too tight.

2. Customize your pet

Give your cat plenty of time to adjust to the carrier before setting off. Leave it open on the floor so they can get in and out as they explore. If they avoid it, put some treats inside to calm them down.

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3. Go on short car trips

Once your cat is familiar with the carrier and comfortable inside, you can take them on short car rides to see how they react and help them get used to the sound and movement of the road before getting on the bike.

4. Go on short motorcycle trips

If your cat is comfortable with a carrier in the car, you can try short trips on a motorcycle. These will help the cat get used to the sights and sounds of the road. You can gradually increase the length of your trips as your cat gets used to it.

Other considerations:


Cats have sensitive ears and the loud noise of many motorcycles can damage them. Try to keep the engine noise down when driving with your cat, especially if he’s still getting used to it, and consider buying special noise-cancelling headphones for cats. Rocks and dust can also be dangerous to your cat’s eyes, so it’s a good idea to avoid dirt roads if possible, although you can buy cat glasses. However, I’ve found that it can take a while for a cat to wear these things, so a quiet motorcycle on a paved road is a better option.

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As I mentioned, many cats will not enjoy leaving home, no matter how many steps you take to make them more comfortable. Trying to pick them up on a motorcycle can be an intimidating and stressful experience. So, if your cat shows signs of distress or distress, such as loud and excessive meowing, panting, or shaking, it’s important to stop the ride immediately and return home to allow your cat to recover. If it seems that the cat does not get used to it after a few outings, you can choose another way to spend time together.


Cats can safely ride a motorcycle, but it requires a lot of preparation and caution. Before taking your cat on a bike, make sure you have a suitable carrier and let the cat get used to it at home. Start with short walks around the house and gradually increase the length as your cat becomes more comfortable. Use earplugs and eye protection if your cat will allow it. Remember that not all cats enjoy being ridden, so watch them to see if they seem stressed and uncomfortable, and if so, take them back home.

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