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Blind kitten found as a stray starts hugging every cat he meets, 5 months later his wish comes true

A blind kitten who was found wandering the streets started hugging every cat he met. Five months later, his wish came true.

blind cat smoothBasil and Amigo@bestfriendsfelines

A good Samaritan found an orange kitten wandering the streets alone. He was taken to the vet where they discovered he had microphthalmia (abnormally small eyes) and was mostly blind.

The kitten has no vision in one eye and a small amount in the other (she can see light and shadow). He was very scared upon arrival and needed a lot of reassurance. The vet reached out to her local rescue, Best Friends Feline, and hoped to land her in a loving foster home.

The next day he volunteered. They soon realized how much she adored the other cats.

orange kitten happyHe arrived in foster care after being found as a blind stray@bestfriendsfelines

The kitten, Amigo, went to her foster home where she befriended the cat and several other special needs kittens. She immediately reached for Smokey’s cat and snuggled up next to him for a cuddle.

“He has settled into his foster home and has done wonderfully given his limited sight. “He remained timid and would startle easily, but he loved other cats,” says rescue president Nikki.

blind kitten snuggles catShe immediately gravitated towards the other cats and began to snuggle@bestfriendsfelines

As she navigated her territory, she would occasionally bump into things, but she was never confused as long as she had a feline friend nearby.

“He copes very well with everyday life. She runs and plays like a normal kitten. He finds his food and water with no problems and he is 100% perfect in using his litter boxes.”

blind cat cat friends@bestfriendsfelines

“He can jump and climb the sofa, the bed and the cat tree. The only difference is that he will go down by going backwards rather than plunging down like a seeing cat.’

The boy climbed the cat tree and decided to sleep there.

sweet sleeping blind kittenHe can play and climb just like any other kitten@bestfriendsfelines

Amigo can be jumpy at sudden noises or movement, but when he’s cuddling with a feline friend, he’ll purr with contentment.

“As she’s gotten older, she’s gotten a little more confident,” Nikki shared.

puppies with special needsAmigo enjoyed the company of Kara, who was born with defective eyelid margins@bestfriendsfelines

Five months after appearing at Best Friends Felines, Amigo was still waiting for the perfect family to take him home.

“Finding a home for a cat with special needs is always a little more difficult, but add shyness into the mix and it makes it that much more difficult because you need fully committed and patient people who are willing to take a chance on a cat that they’ve been able to.” no touching during the meet and greet.”

sweet ginger cat blindHe spent nearly five months in foster care waiting for his perfect home@bestfriendsfelines

Kelly and Lou, former adopters, met Amigo a few weeks ago and knew he would be a great companion for their 8-month-old cat Basil. Just like Amigo, Basil was found on the street and brought in for a chance at a better life.

Rehan is full of confidence and energy. He enjoys snuggling and making cookies with his kneaded paws.

tuxedo cat snugglyBasil:@bestfriendsfelines

“The long conversation showed that Kelly and Louie were really committed and willing to be patient. So Amigo left his foster home and joined his new parents and fur brother Basil.’

With Basil around, it didn’t take long for Amigo to come out of his shell and find his way into his brother’s arms. “Amigo has never understood personal space when it comes to other cats.”

cat friendsBasil and Amigo quickly became best friends@bestfriendsfelines

“He’s settled in wonderfully and his new parents are smitten with him. Amigo and Basil are already best friends for life.”

best friend catsAmigo follows his friend everywhere in the house@bestfriendsfelines

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