Best Summer Diet Plan for Weight Loss (Indian Menu, Summer Weight Loss Tips)

Is it difficult to lose weight in summer? Make it possible with our Indian diet plan. Summer days bring back our childhood memories of summer vacations, playing outside all day and also eating mangoes. Childhood days were such stress-free days that we never bothered to check our weight or fitness. But as we age and start gaining weight, summers become the most dreaded weather because of mangoes. Not just mangoes, but also the amount of frozen desserts, sugary drinks and juices we consume. Also, there is no way to exercise in such hot weather. All this leads to weight gain. Read on to know about the best summer diet plan to lose weight (Indian Menu, Summer Weight Loss Tips).

What if I say that summers are a boon for people who want to lose weight? In summer, the temperature outside is high, which naturally helps to lose weight. High temperature makes you sweat. By sweating, you burn calories unintentionally and aid in weight loss.

Weight loss in summer

In summer, the desire to eat or overeat decreases. It has been observed that the total caloric intake during the summer is 200-300 calories less than the average intake. We can use this to our advantage and plan enough diet to start losing weight. Eating fewer calories and burning more calories as sweat creates a negative calorie balance, which leads to weight loss.

In summer, the body tends to have a higher metabolic rate. The temperature outside is also high, which makes it possible. To match the outside temperature and keep the body cool, the body sweats. Your body is constantly working to maintain body temperature. Sweating is directly related to fat burning.

In hot weather, the body craves light, cold and juicy foods. Nature has by default such seasonal foods that help to beat the heat. Eating such foods leads to a reduction in calorie intake and in turn helps to lose weight. Melon and other fruits such as grapefruit, oranges, grapes and berries are rich in fiber, water, minerals and vitamins. This combination is ideal for balancing body fluids and electrolytes in scorching heat.

In summer we tend to drink more water to keep ourselves cool as well as hydrated. Water is useful for weight loss. Drinking water between meals not only helps you suppress hunger, but also reduces your intake of excess calories. Adequate water intake eliminates constipation, which is important for weight loss. As the temperature rises, we tend to lose more water and electrolytes from the body. You can introduce infused water, which not only adds flavor, but also adds extra vitamins and minerals to plain water.

  • Easy season for training

Unlike winters, we can easily wake up early in the morning to exercise in summer. In winter, we tend to be too lazy to wake up and miss out on exercise. The sun helps regulate our melatonin and cortisol levels, which keep us from feeling gloomy. An early sunrise helps reduce depression and anxiety that would otherwise prevent you from completing your workouts. Swimming can be the best exercise you can do to beat the summer heat and burn some calories.

Infused water for weight loss

Summer weight loss tips

Here are some amazing weight loss tips that will complement this best summer diet for weight loss and help you get fit this summer.

Small meals will not make you feel uncomfortable. Eating frequently will keep your body’s metabolism high. With a constant high metabolism, you tend to lose weight quickly.

  • Drink a variety of low-calorie liquids

Water is the best drink anyone can have. But try drinking low-calorie fluids to balance body fluids and electrolytes. Use water infused with cucumber, mint, ginger, fresh fruit or spices to keep you cool during the summer. Use buttermilk, which is rich in probiotics. Probiotics help maintain gut health. It is the best low-calorie drink you can consume to beat the heat and not gain weight.

It is easy to use overnight soaked oats with walnuts to lose weight in summer. Oats are rich in fiber, which helps to lose weight. Try a variety of innovative cold salads that reduce your calories and help you lose weight.

Summer is mango season. Mango has a myth that it makes you gain weight. But if mangoes are used wisely, they can help you lose weight. Mangoes are rich in complex carbohydrates, fiber, antioxidants, anti-cancer agents, vitamins and minerals. Soak 1 medium-sized mango in water for several hours. Consume this mango during the day between meals. When mangoes are consumed with meals, they tend to increase the glycemic load, which makes you gain weight.

Fruits available in summer are very high in water content. Ice apples, jamun, white jamun, guava, watermelon, muskamon, amla and jackfruit are all low in calories. The water content helps keep you cool, and the water and fiber content promotes weight loss.

Use basil seeds, chai seeds, sesame seeds and flax seeds to help you beat the summer heat. It also provides antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals and is good for the gut.

The best summer diet for weight loss with an Indian menu

Let’s check out this super easy Indian summer weight loss diet plan.

sample diet plan

empty stomach Chia seeds soaked in water (soaked overnight).

Breakfast. 1 cup overnight soaked oats or cooked dalia with nuts/Poha/Upma

+ 1 cup buttermilk / sattu shake

mid morning 1 (100-150 g) seasonal fruit

Lunch. 1 cup sprout salad + 2 chapatis or 1 cup rice + 1 cup vegetables + 1 cup Dal + 1 cup curd

noon 1 cup Jeera pudina buttermilk / imlana (sweet and sour tamarind or raw mango juice with umpan, jeera and pudina)

A snack bar. 1 cup Green Tea + ½ cup Roasted Chana/Millet Puffs/ ½ cup Sweet Potato Salad

mid evening 1 cup of buttermilk

Supper: 1 jowar roti + any green leafy vegetable + kadhi

end note.

It is advisable to use seasonal variations wisely to your advantage. Aim to lose weight with the help of a specialist. The effort you put in is reduced, and the result is fast and long-lasting. I hope this Best Summer Diet Plan for Weight Loss (Indian Menu, Summer Weight Loss Tips). Please subscribe to our YouTube channel for more interesting health videos.

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