AxeGOD’s Free Fire ID, Stats, Rank, Guild and more

AxGOD is an Indonesian Free Fire content creator that has caught the attention of the game’s community. His incredible prowess and skills on the battlefield have helped him build a sizable fan base on his YouTube channel. Currently, he boasts of 260k subscribers as well as a total of over 20.46 million views.

In addition to YouTube statistics, he has more than 7.1 thousand followers on his Instagram account. Below are details on AxeGOD’s Free Fire ID, Stats and more.

Disclaimer: Since Free Fire is banned in India, gamers in the nation should refrain from playing the game on their devices. However, since the MAX version was not banned, they can still enjoy this version of the game.

Exploring AxGOD’s Free Fire ID, Guild, Rank and Stats

AxeGOD’s Free Fire ID is 766588014 and his in-game IGN is “AxeGOD++”. He leads the guild “GOD NATION” whose Guild ID is 60592435.

The player is currently Heroic in BR-Ranked Season 33 and Platinum II in CS-Ranked Season 18. Below are his game statistics.

BR Career

AxGOD's BR Career Stats (Image via Garena)
AxeGOD’s BR Career Stats (Image via Garena)

AxGOD has played 990 solo matches and is undefeated in 98 matches, giving way to a 9.89% win rate. He accumulated 2,136 kills while maintaining a K/D ratio of 2.39.

The content creator also participated in 1,116 duo matches and recorded 251 Booyahs, translating into a win rate of 22.49%. He has 3,886 frags and a K/D ratio of 4.49.

He played 24,991 matches in team mode and won 8,526 games, resulting in a win rate of 34.11%. With 76,769 kills, he has a K/D ratio of 4.66.

BR classified

AxGOD's BR Rating Stats (Image via Garena)
AxeGOD’s BR Rating Stats (Image via Garena)

AxGOD has participated in two solo matches in the current season of Free Fire, but does not have the first place. He killed 12 enemies with a K/D ratio of 6.00.

Turning to team ranking matches, he has 502 appearances and 61 wins, with a win rate of 12.15%. He has 2,207 kills with a 5.00 K/D ratio.

CS Career

AxeGOD's CS Career Stats (Image via Garena)
AxeGOD’s CS Career Stats (Image via Garena)

AxGOD has played 3,786 Clash Squad matches and won 2,285 for a 60.35% win rate. He has 16,554 strikeouts for a KDA of 1.92.

Note: AxGOD’s Free Fire stats were recorded at the time of writing (May 26, 2023). The stats listed above will change as he continues to play more games.

YouTube channel

youtube cover

AxeGOD has been posting content for a while, and the oldest Free Fire related video on his channel dates back to November 2020. He currently has 68 uploads and his most viewed video has over 2.3 million views.

According to Social Blade, AxGOD has gained 45k subscribers in the last 30 days, showing its tremendous growth. Its subscriber count also increased by 2.19 million during the same period.

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