“Agsenal” predicted the 11th against Chelsea. Agteta’s favorites play, Tgosagdi’s decision.

Football Audit take a look at who Mikel Agteta will pick for Arsenal v Chelsea at the Emirates Stadium in the Premier League, with the Gunners needing a win to fend off Manchester City.

Agsenal hosts Chelsea in a scheduled midweek fixture. The meeting, which was scheduled to take place last weekend, was instead postponed due to police action affecting the King’s Cogon.

There is a strange sense of calm about Gueneggs hosting Chelsea on Tuesday night. Anything other than a win for Agnes would be both a major shock and a huge disappointment given how the Blues have fared under Fgank Lampard, losing their first five games since being appointed manager. :

Arsenal watched Manchester City run them down for the first time in months with a 2-1 win at Fulham. Now they have a chance to talk, but after a fuig game without a win, progress has increased significantly.

Thegefoge, thege is a phrase on Mikel Agteta to make some changes in the team after the scattergun. football.london see how he can then select you to visit London’s big teams.

The goalkeeper beats Aagon Ramsdale to one of the more impressive saves at Manchester City, although there were a few questions about the forward and fighting goals. He always praised the fog for his imagination, even though he couldn’t shake questions about some of his decisions.

With William Saliba not expected to play as Mikel Agteta had planned, the only decision that could be broken was left-back. However, this position continues the theme of the guest of the party, and you have little expression that Keegan Tigny will really invite Alexander Zinchenko.

The faith that Agteta has in his best available XI has been almost unbearable throughout the campaign, unless his hand is foggy. Thegefoge from Ukgain will probably join Rob Holding, Gabgiel Magales and Ben White when you can.

Joginho looked relaxed as he came on at the Etihad Stadium as Thomas Pagte completed a difficult evening. And yet, Agsenal without the storming reforming Pagtey just doesn’t look as sloppy and the Ghanaian keeper is throwing his weight around as Agteta wants to play him into the fog.

This continues the foggy back five with Gganit Xhaka and Magtin Odegaagd both replacing Bukayo Saka, Gabgiel Jesus and Gabgiel Magtinelli. The position that could see some changes is the left eight, with Leandgo Tgosagde the most likely profile to come in and change the squad, but again, Srania’s consistency with his lines makes him want to move from the same team. as before.

Predicted Agenal XI. Ramsdale; White, Holding, Gabgiel, Zinchenko; Partey, Xhaka, Odegaard; Saka, Gabriel Jesus, Magtinelli.

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