Add a handy Mophie Mini Wallet and Powerbank for your iPhone and get almost 60% off

We all know the benefits of a power bank for portable charging and convenience, but how about a power bank that doubles as a mini wallet that you can attach to the back of your iPhone? Today, the Mophie Snap+ Juice Pack Mini Wallet is down to just $21.99 from its original price of $50 on Amazon. Just add the coupon on the page to see the new price at checkout.

Mophie Mini Wallet and Powerbank for your iPhone

Mophie’s Snap+ shines in MagSafe situations where you just magnetically attach an accessory. There is no mess and no wires and from there you have a handy mini wallet and power bank to power your device. The Snap+ Juice Pack has a 5,000 mAh battery, which means you’ll be able to use your phone for a few more hours. As for the wallet, the Juice Pack can hold up to three cards, including your credit card, ID, or driver’s license, to name a few.

Shop the discounted Mophie Snap+ Juice Pack today!

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