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Aaron Rodgers is on the verge of NFL history

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The New York Jets fan base breathed a sigh of relief when the Aaron Rodgers trade was completed.

The team is now led by a former league MVP, someone they believe can make the playoffs.

While the fan base waits to see how Rodgers performs on the field, he could achieve a historic feat this season if all goes according to plan.

As shared by the NFL with ESPN, Rodgers is 25 career touchdowns shy of 500.

There have only been four other quarterbacks in NFL history with 500 career touchdowns.

If Rodgers can do it through the 2023 season, he will join Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning and Brett Favre as the fifth to reach that total.

If Rodgers catches 34 touchdowns this season, he will not only eclipse 500, but also pass Favre in career passing yards.

At the end of the day, the Jets are just looking for success as a team, and individual accomplishments are just icing on the cake.

The Jets have gone 12 seasons without making the playoffs, the longest active streak in the NFL.

Rodgers has several elite offensive options at his disposal this year, including Garrett Wilson, Allen Lazar and Brice Hall.

The organization has continued to build an offense around Rodgers, desperately seeking the success that has long eluded them.

However, the AFC is loaded with young, talented rosters, making their path more difficult.

This includes the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins, both of whom are in the AFC East along with the Jets.

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