A truck crashed into barriers near the White House as the driver was arrested US news

The truck driver was arrested after crashing into security barriers near the White House.

The preliminary investigation revealed that the driver “may have intentionally crashed into the security barriers of Lafayette Square”. Washington DCsaid Anthony Guglielmia, a representative of the US Secret Service.

He added that no Secret Service or White House personnel were injured.

A video posted on social media shows a U-Haul truck crashing into barriers from a short distance away.

The person who posted the footage said it was the second time the car hit the barriers.

After the crash, a remote-controlled robot opened the truck’s rear doors, revealing a trolley but no other obvious equipment.

Mr. Guglielmia tweeted: “Charges will be filed by the United States Park Police with investigative assistance from the #SecretService.”

The nearby Hay Adams Hotel was evacuated at the request of the Secret Service.

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