A dog in Chile goes viral for stealing the show and the ball at a soccer match

A big brown dog steals the show AND the ball during a soccer game at the Estadio Municipal de La Cisterna in Santiago, Chile and goes viral.

The mischievous cub suddenly broke into the field during the match between the hosts Curico Unido and the guests of Chile, Palestino.

In a video uploaded by TNT Sports Chile on Sunday, May 14, the dog can be seen running onto the pitch with one goal in mind: to take the soccer ball home.

The referee was forced to stop play briefly as several players approached the dog in an unsuccessful attempt to retrieve the ball.

However, according to Chilean sports outlet Deportes 13, the mischievous pup was no match for one of Palestine’s players, Maximiliano Salas, who picked up the dog and dragged it off the pitch before it missed the ball.

The moment was also captured by the user JeshuCaroca on Tiktok. The video gives us a closer look as the mischievous pup tries to hold on to the ball until it leaves the field and is handed to the staff.

In the hilarious video, people can be heard cheering and clapping for the playful pup while looking unfazed by the whole situation.

The video has now garnered over 10 million views on TikTok and is now making its rounds on Reddit as well.

Reddit users can’t help but be amused by the dog. One Reddit user commented: “I like that he’s also running into the crowd because he’s being carried away. He looks like he won’t bet and maintains eye contact.”

“Honestly, this dog seems as happy being carried as he is biting a ball. Wins all around” another user wrote:

Hopefully the good guy/gal gets his own ball after the incident.

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